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Latdude E6500 with 3 Monitors

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I started a post a couple of weeks ago on the subject of Dual Monitors with my new E6500 Latitude.  I am unable to find it in the new Dell Forum format.  My apologies for starting a new thread.

The issue:  I have an E6500, P9500, 4gb, NVidia 160M video card, 1920x1200 LCD, external monitor hooked up by HDMI... works just great.  Unfortunately, I am getting greedy.  Now I want a third monitor.  My external is now 1920x1080 HDMI and I would like another external monitor probably exactly the same.  Not a duplicate screen, just more screen real estate.

The solutions as I have been able to research are either a PCMCIA (PC) card or a USB video card... there are a few on the market... about $75 to $125.  The problem as I understand it is how the software will work.  Will it replace the NVidia software?  Will WinXP crash? 

Any opinions on the various hardware solutions?  Obviously, I can contact the hardware providers, but am curious if anyone here has done it before.

thank you in advance for your opinions.

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  • anyone know if you can just get a docking station with 2 external monitor ports and then just plug a third monitor into the laptops external monitor port that is on the left hand side? Or does the port on the laptop itself become useless when a docking station is plugged in due to the 2 monitor ports on the docking station?


    i want 3 monitors! but then i will want 4... sigh

  • I just got a E6500 with a e/port plus advanced port replicator.  it has 2 DVI outputs and 1 vga output on the port replicator.  I cannot get 2 external monitors and the laptop screen to all be on.  I can push video to any combination of the 2.  I was really hoping that the video could be sent to all 3.