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Inspirion 5150 LCD Inverter failed


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Inspirion 5150 LCD Inverter failed

  • Hi,


    I just get back my laptop from dell and now the LCD inverter is damaged. Diagnosis says so. Warranty only on mainboard. :-(


    Where is the LCD Inverter placed ? The computer is running quiet well. Video test from diagnosis was ok. No display failure !


    Can the cable damaged ?


    Does somebody has a picture from the LCD inverter ?

    I know that it is placed somewhere in the Display, but where ?


    Can this laptop run with a normal monitor (I have no extern screen available to test it).


    Thanks for help





  • The inverter is located behind the screen - follow the power wires from the mainboard.



  • The dell technican says, that the grafic card is damaged.


    Does a damaged cabel can get a failure "No acccess to the LCD converter" ?

    Does a wrong replacement of the video card can get this behavoiur ?


    A terminal connector of the grafic board does not have connection during replacement ? (Mainboard was changed)


    Thanks Ritchie

  • The error can mean a failed inverter, or a faulty system board.


  • Dell told me,


    I have to order a new graphic card !