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Unpredictably very dim screen


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Unpredictably very dim screen

  • I have a 4 year old Inspiron 6000 and my screen keeps going dim.


    I've read the other posts in the forum....the only difference with mine is that it's not consistently dim.


    Sometimes it will boot up okay but get dim during the boot up, other times it will boot up dim or boot up fine and get dim unexpectedly during use. It's definitely not predictable.


    When it goes dim, I've found that I can usually get the screen back "on" or functioning normally by closing the notebook lid down and reopening. This doesn't always work the first or second time but eventually it works. 


    Because the screen isn't consistently a problem, can anyone tell me what's going on with my screen?? 

  • Most likely, it's a failing backlight.


  • Okay, so for someone who's computer illiterate like me...


    What are my options? And how much will it cost me??



  • If it's out of warranty, you have three options:


    Replace the screen with a new one ($400+).

    Replace the screen with a used one ($200 or so, without any assurance as to its future lifespan).

    Have an LCD repair shop replace the backlight ($150 or so).


  • Thank you!