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Screen resolution resets itself on my new Inspiron 1420..?


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Screen resolution resets itself on my new Inspiron 1420..?

  • I just got my new Inspiron 1420 notebook (with Vista) today and I got the high resolution monitor (maximum 1440 x 900 pixels). I keep setting the screen to the highest resolution, then it will randomly reset itself to 1024 x 768. I haven't been able to find a rhyme or reason for why it changes it. It seems like it happens sometimes after I close the computer and walk away, then come back. But after it does changes the resolution, a bubble will pop up telling me that I can get better visual performance if I change to the highest resolution, and it asks me if I'd like to change it. Um... I didn't want to go to the lower resolution to begin with!!

    Has anyone else had this problem, or do you know how to help me?
  • pharmer_mary,

    Please repost your Portable video questions here.
  • Just got my new inspiron 1420 and I set the screen resolution to 1280x800 and when I close the laptop and its in sleep mode and I open it back up its back to 1024x768. I have to keep reseting this evrytime I have tried everything does anyone have a clue what to do about this? Thxs
  • Sounds like you're having the same problem I had. I'm honestly not sure what caused it, but it stopped doing it after I had the computer a few days. It did it several times in the first few days, but it hasn't done it since. Hopefully yours will stop too. Let me know if you find out why it does that or if there's a fix for it.
  • The actual culprit is TMM, Vista's process that looks for multiple monitors and attempts to intelligently modify resolution. If you aren't using multiple monitors, you can disable TMM:

    1. right-click on 'computer' and select 'manage'
    2. on the left pane, expand 'task scheduler' then ' task scheduler library' then 'Microsoft' then 'Windows' then 'MobilePC'
    3. select TMM in the center pane, then on the right pane, choose 'disable'


  • I disabled the TMM on my Dell Inspiron 1420, running Vista Home, because it was doing the same thing... upon logging on, either from cold start-up or from sleeping/hibernating, the screen resolution would reduce greatly.  Disabling the TMM did not help me.  The screen resolution reduces still.  Any other ideas?