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Attention: DVI-D out DOES NOT WORK on 9400


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Attention: DVI-D out DOES NOT WORK on 9400

  • I was about to buy an Inspiron 9400, but a local advisor, answering my question, told me that DVI-D does not support HDTV output.
    According to video card producer websites (Nvidia 7900 and ATI X1400) it seems really strange.......

    I need to connect my LCD-TV through its HDMI input that accepts only 720p or 1080i (not monitor resolutions).

    If anybody of you was succesful in connecting a TV through a digital link, notify its experience., please.

    On the contrary, it will be clear Dell does not know what is HDTV through a PC or HDMI protocol.


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  • Coincidence, I have a 9400 and have been working out how to get my laptop to recognise my new 26" lcd tv. I plug a DVI cable between them both but the laptop won't recognise the tv and the tv stays blue, where as using vga/d-sub or s-video my laptop recognises and sends an image to the screen. I have tried 2 DVI cables as well so it's either the 9400 or the TV. Anyone got an clues on this, does DVI out need to be enabled or anything? I have heard DVI-D and DVI-I mentioned, how do I know which my laptop and TV is and what does it mean to me? Thanks dan
  • Most likely a resolution configuration problem or a faulty cable. Many HDTVs are very finicky in terms of what input resolutions and timings they'll accept. Browse around AVSForum a bit. DVI-D works absolutely fine with my Gateway 24" widescreen monitor (essentially the same unit as the Dell 2407FPW).
  • OUCH! I have an Inspiron 9400 and have just bought a DVI to HDMI cable - and after connecting the two, the laptop cannot recognise the TV.

    Hitting Control-Alt-F12 gets me to the right place to change the settings but it will not let me tell it about the TV. I get the message "Two displays must be connected to the computer before you can use this feature. Please connect another display". Until the laptop knows the TV is connected I cannot tell it to allow it to work it seems.

    Anyone found out how to get the 9400 to "see" a connected TV?

  • You must have matching hdmi connectors on the both tv and the computer. You can't use a dvi to hdmi cable. Use the dvi connection instead if both have that or use composite cables.

  • Thanks Mary G.

    No wonder I have no picture. The handbook of my new LCD TV, a Sharp, showed me that it could be done so I went and bought the cables. In view of your advice and my total failure I think they must have misled me! It serves me right for reading the manual and believing what it suggested.

    I am contemplating  VGA out of the computer and VGA into theTV for vision. I will then need an audio cable : I have one that goes from the headphone socket on the laptop then splits into two and fits into a white/red "AV in"  socket on the TV - but so far I can get no sound transfer through it! I have tried it into an amplifier on the hi-fi and the cable works OK.

    Wish me luck!

  • I havejust edited my last post as a tiny bit got asterisked out, to my surprise.

  • Update: It's kind of fixed.

    The AVG to AVG link works fine; the audio cable, currently a stereo jack plug from the laptop earphone socket to the TV, carries sound but has a bit of a hum. It's watchable but not perfect because of this hum.