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Inspiron 6000 bottom third of the screen flickering

  • Hi! I have an Inspiron 6000 Notebook, a little over a year old, and about a week ago, the bottom third of the screen started flickering and sometimes 'locking up' on a certain image, depending on the angle of the monitor, and on my touch (sometimes I need to tap it lightly on the back for it to go away). Now it also started going black sometimes... This worries me, but from my guess it would be a contact problem... Anyway, what can I do to fix it? Thanks, Shwouchk.
  • Attach an external monitor. If it does the same thing, you have a video chip/card issue. If it doesn't, reseat the video cable inside the system. If that doesn't fix it, the panel itself needs repair or replacement.
  • Well, I highly doubt that its a video card problem, since it comes/goes when I touch the screen... I already disassembled the screen and reseated all cables... I even removed the tape from the left edge behind the panel, and blew a lot of air there, and moved some contacts a little... - it helped, it doesn't go black anymore, and flickers much less, but still does sometimes... are you sure theres no way to fix this besides replacing the panel?
  • No, not at all. The panel can probably be repaired - but it's not a do it yourself repair. An LCD specialist shop can probably fix the existing panel for $150 or so - about 1/3 the cost of a new panel.
  • I see. Thanks!