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Dell's New Inspiron 6000 Video Driver (Intel Graphics Video v., A08)


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Dell's New Inspiron 6000 Video Driver (Intel Graphics Video v., A08)

  • I am getting a bit on the upset side with this Inspiron and Dell. This is like the third issue I have had with it. Crashed Hard Drive, CD burner now video, what's next. I just dowloaded the latest video driver (Intel Graphics Video v., A08) and after loading it my display properties dropped down to 96MB. I was 128MB. Contacted Dell 4 times and followed ther instructions to remove display divers fron safe mode, reboot then reinstall the new driver. Still shows 96MB. I feel I shold be getting the 128MB I paid for and I shouldn't have to use older drivers to get it. Anybody else ran it to this? Is there a fix Dell hasn't pointed me to?
  • well if you have a 128 meg video card in your i6k then you downloaded the wrong drive.
  • I do have a 128MB video. It's the Intel OnBoard Grapics. I got the driver from dell's link to my drivers.
  • i may be wrong but 128 meg only came on the Ati x300 card.
  • You know what's funny? After enough folks complaining, Dell stopped offering the top end e1505 w/ integrated graphics. I chose the highest "customize it" package they had and opted for the slower processor and graphics because the 950 accelerator was 256 bit and the t2300 is dual core.

    128MB ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON® X1300 HyperMemory™ [Included in Price]

    256MB ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON® X1400 HyperMemory™ [add $50 or $2/month1]

    256MB NVIDIA® GeForce™Go 7300 TurboCache [add $80 or $3/month1]

    Dell still will not let me swap this system out for one with a dedicated graphics card.
  • Thats because the 950 card cannot be upgraded.  It is integrated in such a way that you would have to replace more then the card at tremendous cost - you would be better off selling that laptop on Ebay and getting a new one with the card you want.