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Latitude D610 has fuzzy text

  • Hi,
    the office provided me with a new D610 but the text is fuzzy (Word, IE, even the desktop) and there is some color bleeding.
    Resolution is maxed at 1400x1050, font is 120 DPI, latest video driver available at Dell (6.14.10), 32-bit color, all settings appear standard.
    I have a Samsung LCD at home, and the D610 replaces an older Toshiba, both of which have far superior text quality. Any ideas what I could tweak, or is the Dell screen just poor?
  • If you see color fringes around the text  you could have your ClearType setting set for the wrong subpixel order (either RGB or BGR).
    To find out, try Microsoft's ClearType tuner: or download a utility like ClearTweak or Microsoft's "PowerToy" tuner:
    (By the way, your Samsung LCD could have a different pixel order than your D610 screen; if so you'll definitely want one of the downloaded utilites.)
    And if your D610 does turn out to have a BGR screen, could you please post to report it?
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the links. I actually found the Windows ClearType settings under Display Properties > Appearance > Effects and set it to Standard. Everything is much more readable now.
    I tried the ClearTweak program and verified that the screen is RGB. Maybe I'm just used to it, but I find turning on ClearType strains my eyes. It makes the text look like CRT text.