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Upgrading Inspiron 6000 video card to a geforce 6800 go


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Upgrading Inspiron 6000 video card to a geforce 6800 go

  • Hello everyone , I have a inspiron 6000 w/ a ati x300 128 mb.. I was wondering if there is anyway we can upgrade our video cards to geforce 6800 go's or any other better ones? There are some 6800 go's for sale on ebay but it clearly states that its only for "Dell Inspiron 9300" but also , it states "This card is an excellent upgrade for those who purchased their Dell with the x300 installed." My current video card is a x300 , how do I go about upgrading the video card with a 6800 go ?
  • you can't!
  • The 6800 card will upgrade the X300 only in the 9300. Although the model is the same (X300 in both the 9300 and 6000), the design of the cards differs such that the 9300 cards can't be used in the 6000.
  • and with that said , that just concludes that my inspiron 6000 will forever be limited to this x300 card ? =(
  • You'll know shortly, as the 6000 is due for replacement very soon. If the replacement is just a light modification of the 6000, the next line of video cards, whatever those are (you can guess they won't be high end with the advent of the XPS line), may work - or may not.

    When Dell dumped the 5150/5160 for the 6000 it changed everything including the supplier - it'll be interesting to see what they do with the 6000.

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  • When you say that the modifications to the x300 cards are so extensive that an X300 from a 9300 won't work on a 6000, do you just mean that the heatsinks are different, or are the cards themselves built differently?  The reason that I ask is that I have just upgraded my 9300 to the Geforce 6800 go, so I happen to have an extra X300 lying around.  My wife has an Inspiron 6000 and I was wondering if I could switch the heat sinks and install my old X300 into her laptop.  Never having oppened up her 6000, I don't know how different the cards are.