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How do I adjust the contrast / tint on my inspiron 6000 notebook???

  • Hello, I just purchased a new dell 6000 notebook.  I can adjust the brightness of the lcd display on the keyboard.  But how do I adjust the contrast and tint??    Even when I turn the brightness down the white background still hurts my eyes...  also due to me being slightly color blind when I view my email I cant tell which email is new and which email I read in my hotmail account.  On my dell desktop I can easily tell...
        Also there was suppose to be a on line manual with my notebook with a little E icon. There is none that I can find..  anyone have a clue what to do about that. Its not on the right hand lower corner bar.
     Thanks  Joe
  • You can only adjust the brightness. You can download the electronic manuals from the Dell support site.
  • The Inspiron 9300 is very similar.  The key to doing this is through the video card drivers.
    I have the nvidia drivers installed, if I right click on the desktop, within the menu there is a nvidia display properties (you can also reach here through control panel, display, settings, advance, Geforce 6800 tab)
    In the color correction section, change the "Apply color changes to" = ALL, then adjust the GAMMA, Contrast, Brightness and so on.
    ATi / Intel graphics chip should have something very similar. 
    Good Luck,