I have spent countless hours trying to find an appropriate configuration mix for the text size, dpi, and screen resolution settings. Native resolution is 1680 x 1050, but the only bearable setting I've found is 1280 x 800 with a custom dpi of 144 (150% of normal size!). I'd rather have more content on the screen but as I approach native resolution, the text is too blurry too read. Everyone says to use native resolution, but it is impossible w/ this system, if I want to use for the internet, etc.
Does anyone have the i6000 with the WSXGA+ LCD panel? If so, could you confirm the following:
- Screen resolution size
- DPI settings (96, 120, customized number, etc.)
- Font size under the display properties
Also, I wonder if I need to change the aspect ratio. Dell recommends 16:9 within one of their docs, but I can't find what my current setting is.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Since they replaced my 3-year old i8100 with this i6000 (free of charge!), I did not get to select the LCD panel that I wanted, and I think it is too late to exchange it for another option.
Dell Inspiron 6000
15.4" widescreen SXGA+ LCD panel (made by LG)
Pentium M (1.5 ghz)
64MB video card - ATI Mobility x300