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  • Forum Thread: lost password

    problem with my laptop ( dell inspiron 1525 ) about forgetting bios password service tag : < ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> please help me my e_mail : < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>
  • Forum Thread: Dedicating more memory to video.

    Is there any way to dedicate more memory to my video card? I have a Studio 1558 with a ATI mobility radeon HD 4500 series and 4 gb ram.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Delay issue on windows performance and bios performance

    anybody's there that answer my question..!!???
  • Forum Thread: studio 1558 motherboard upgrade/replace

    Hi, I have studio 1558 model no:- <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> with core i5 processor and ati 4570 Its not starting when i press power button just dvd drive makes usual starting sound and fan starts at low speed but nothing works I showed to a technision and he...
  • Forum Thread: XPS L502x hangs during game play

    I have been having problems with my XPS L502x I use to play Saint Rows the Third on my laptop it use to play perfectly but now after a year I restored my factory setting now when ever i install any of my old games they start off perfectly but during the game it hangs a lot kindly help me out.
  • Forum Thread: Studio 1558 Shutting off during game play

    Hello, I own a Dell Studio 1558 laptop. I use it for an assortment of activities, one of which, is playing on line games(WoW, Diablo, Starcraft, Guild Wars, etc). Lately my laptop has been shutting off for "no reason" while playing the games. It has never done this before. I've always...
  • Forum Reply: Re: change the motherboard of a dell studio 1555

    Yes you can do it, dont ask a professional as they will never support you you have to get Mother board Processor RAM Heatsink (all available in eBay)
  • Forum Thread: No display Dell Studio 1558

    some blue screen error came and the display is gone. Laptop is turning on but no display, Checked with external monitor, display is showing. after a day, again turned on the laptop the display came and then after sometime again the blue screen error and now the same problem. Ran the LCD BIST Test it...
  • Forum Thread: change the motherboard of a dell studio 1555

    Hello everybody, My dell laptop studio 1555 is old now and i would like to improve its performance. I would like to change the motherboard with the dell studio 1558's motherboard, in order to change the ram to ddr3, the graphic card and of course the microprocessor. Is it possible? Because...