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  • Forum Thread: Dodgy touchpad - HELP!

    The touchpad on my Dell 1545 inspiron laptop isn't working and sometimes glitches out and goes haywire all across the screen! I can't use a USB mouse with it either! Is there anything I can do? O.S: Windows 7
  • Forum Thread: "Your PC needs to be repaired" Dell Inspiron 15R (5521, Late 2012), laptop not booting

    Yesterday, I used my laptop and it was working perfectly. I turned it off and a few hours later, back on, but this message appeared: "Your PC needs to be repaired Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information. FILE: \BCD Error: 0xc0000034 You'll need to use the recovery...
  • Forum Thread: Dell inspiron 7437 screen upgrade

    Hi, I have dell Inspiron 7437 (14 inch) and love it, but it's only 1366x768 resolution and I wish to upgrade to full HD is it possible to upgrade by changing lcd screen?
  • Forum Thread: can i add a nvidia graphics card to my dell inspiron 5000? if so what one?

    i have 6gb ram intel core i5 processor 2.4 GHz windowns 8.1

    I have just fitted a replacement motherboard on an Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop only to find that the BIOS is locked and I can't change the date or modify any settings. Please can anyone help? Chris Malkinson
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series won't play games

    I just bought it yesterday, and I tried uninstalling and re installing the games twice. Every time I try to open a game it restarts and brings me to the lock screen. The computer is an Inspiron 15 5000 series, and I have windows 8.1 | What do I do?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 3537 No usb boot option.

    I have no usb boot option and i cant seem to enable it no matter what i change. Can you please walk me through the steps? Also the laptop has Linux on it that i cant seem to boot either,all i get after the format that i did at the partition that had windows is a syslinux blackscreen. Let me note...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 14 3421 CPU Speed

    I had purchased this Dell Inspiron 14 3421 in January 2013, working all well. It came pre-installed with Windows 8 and had BIOS version A03. At that time I could change the maximum CPU speed in power management settings, it could run at half speed around 900 Mhz. Currently I'm on Windows 8.1 Pro...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron N5110 startuo screen problem, white or black faded out screen with horizontal lines

    Recently, when I open my laptop the screen will appear faded out with a white or black background, with blue and white horizontal lines, at first I thought the screen was damaged, but when I restart it, it will start up normally the second time around. Please watch the video attached to see what I...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 14-5447 not turning on. I AM IN SCHOOL AND I HAVE BLOODY EXAMS

    I am so angry right now. This is my second laptop of this model, maybe the first time this happen I could have gone for another brand but I stupidly decided to stay with Dell. I am in school in a foreign country with exams this week. Everything is on my laptop and it refuses to turn on.i remember the...
  • Forum Thread: How do I increase my dell leptop cpu speed permanently?

    I recently install windows 8.1 and I discovered that my cpu speed drop from 2.7ghz to 1.60 even my graphics dropt how do I restore this permanently. All my recovery partitions are gone deleted them so i cant revever my pc. I know I < ADMIN NOTE : Profanity removed as per TOU> up. i tryed taking...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 17R - Upgrading from 6 cell to 9 cell battery

    I am looking at upgrading a Dell Inspiron 17R from a 6 cell battery to a 9 cell battery, for longer battery life. (1) can it be done and (2) if it can, does Dell have an OEM or do I need to obtain it from a third party supplier?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron M5030 not powering up.

    I recently replaced my charger and battery for my Inspiron M5030. It worked for bout an hour. Now every time I try to turn it on the led light in the front panel comes on, However, it immediately goes right back off. I can hear the fan come on but it only stays on for 5 seconds if that long. I followed...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 1464 graphics upgrade

    Hello, i want to update my graphics card on my dell inspiron 1464 laptop. I currently have Radeon HD 4300 series graphics. What is the latest graphics card that i can put in my device that has directx11 support? Which one do you suggest?
  • Forum Thread: Dell XPS 13 ultrabook space bar doesn't go in completely

    Dear fellow users, First, thanks for spending time reading this post. This afternoon, I just tried to take out my space bar to clean inside a little. I did so by simply pulling out the "lid", don't know how you call it. When I try to put it back, it refuses to come in completely and...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron n5110 not turning on

    My Dell Inspiron n5110 core i5 i don't know what happen with it. two days ago system shows blue screen error try again and again it works but after that laptop not turning on i follow instructions in this blog to release flea power not working in the morning i start the laptop it turns on. i decided...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 Randomly Shuts Down

    Hi I've had this laptop for 2 years now. It was running flawlessly and was really happy with it (probably my best purchase ever) until last month. Last month, I did format the laptop (same OS, Windows 7 Home Premium), and updated the BIOS (I think I shouldn't have done that). Ever since I...
  • Forum Thread: Dell 1464 not turning on

    My 4-year-old Dell Inspiron 1464 was working fine till yesterday. While working in between, I put the laptop in sleep for nearly half an hour and when I came back I saw some multicoloured grains on the screen, and the system wasn't responding. So, I turned it off and tried to switch it back on. But...
  • Forum Thread: Dell inspiron 1440 beeping

    Laptop wont boot at all but thw charging light flashes orange and white and also beeping noises beeps 7 times. Please help
  • Forum Thread: Amd catalyst switchable graphics didn't work on my dell inspiron n4050 on windows 8.1

    i have dell inspiron n4050 , i installed windows 8.1 then i installed amd catalyst 14.4 but the switchable graphics didn't work., my amd card (7400m). please help me
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron N5030 has a White Screen After Log On

    This problem is seriously driving me crazy, I could smash this computer. I own a Dell Insprion N5030 laptop. Basically, I've been having this problem for a bit over three weeks now and it doesn't seem to be going away on it's own. The problem is that the laptop turns on, goes through the...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 1525 - clean reinstall - unable to partition unallocated disk - HDD gone bad ?

    I am trying to reinstall windows Vista on my Inspiron 1525. I used killdisk and wiped the drive and now trying to reinstall. Not able to create partition during installation. I tried ultimate Boot Cd and used some HDD Diagnosis utilities (Seatools,Gparted etc) and they are giving "error reading...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 3521 Windows 8 64-bit Bluetooth not connecting to any device

    Hello, I own a Inspiron 3521, and about 6 months after I bought the system my Bluetooth stopped working, I search for devices, and the only device that shows up is my LGP-769 cell phone, and none of my Bluetooth headsets or other audio devices. However after pairing I cannot establish any kind of connection...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 15 R SE issues

    Dear Dell, Since I'm really tired of all the issues I have with my laptop I just decided to sum them up here: -The fan is constant on , which makes the laptop extremely loud -Even tough the fan is always on, after using the PC for 45 minutes it can be too hot to touch at the bottom, it can...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Laptop Will Not Turn On (Dell Inspiron 1545)

    Hi everyone, I'm having similar kind of problem and i have reported this issue on the forum last year but didn't get any professional help. Could you please look into this and suggest what should i do to fix this issue? There are many people who have complained about Dell 1545 module but...