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  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1545 problem: BIOS doesn't detect monitor after re-seating cable

    I had the common "monitor flickering" problem, so I re-seated the cable on the back of the monitor like I read on this forum and on several other websites. The flickering stopped and everything works fine. Except now, when I open my laptop the BIOS doesn't seem to detect my monitor and...
  • Forum Reply: RE: bluetooth vostro 1088 can not turn on

    how do i activate bluethoot on vostro 1088
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell Latitude E6510 Spontaneous shutdown and reboot

    how to disable in automatic system shotdown
  • Forum Thread: beep codes

    does anyone know where to fine the list of "Beep" codes?
  • Forum Thread: quickset button problem

    i got myself dell inspiron 14r 5420 and am experiencing quickset buttons non responsive problem after i updated the bios from official dell website. i need a help to make this work. are there any suggestion?
  • Forum Thread: Dell 15z Full step by step Installation W8 to SSD

    Dears! Will somebody help me with full step by step reinstallation to SSD instructions or where can find clear how to reinstall w8.1, with Intel Rapid Techn. So del old and , while its there old installation not working and now I have installed on HDD. I want everything clean and make as should...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop can't boot up, help!!!

    All the sudden I cannot boot into my Dell's Inspiron 1545. I had never flashed my BIOS before. My current bios version is A07. Everything went well except the screen kept on flickering to the left side of the laptop. I can't even boot to BIOS setup. Here's the video. Any idea how to solve...
  • Forum Reply: RE: No boot device

    Hello, I have been servicing DELL computers for 8 years - there are two options 1. Enter 'BIOS' (setup) when you first see the Dell screen by depressing the F2 key wait for a couple seconds and you should see a blue screen whith the computer's information. READ all this to familiarize your...
  • Forum Thread: BIOS Upgrade=Life Downfrade

    hi! i'm posting for the first time here. i needed help for my dell inspiron n5040. one day i came across the dell drivers and downloads page. there i sawhat a bios update was available that rev A05 and i had A02. before updating i backed up my bios using universal bios backup toolkit. after 5...
  • Forum Thread: dell lapop 1545 black screen issue

    hi everyone my laptop dell inspiron 1545 have black screen issue i was working on my laptop and and suddenly the screen gone black then i restarted my laptop and the screen was black . i restarted and let my laptop ON for 15 minutes the screen came normally and then after 5 minutes the screen gone...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Speed Fan in Dell Inspiron R15 (N5110)

    The fact that after the cooler started not work properly, the first thing I did then, that cleared the entire cooling system and changed the thermal grease. In addition, the fan runs periodically, but chaotically or periodically (when CPU temperature increases). So in mechanical terms it works fine....
  • Forum Thread: Inspirion 1545 - Prompting For White Bios Admin Password

    I have an issue with an employee's BYOD that she was using in the office yesterday with no problems in the morning and then by afternoon after connecting it to the network at our other campus it was only displaying the white BIOS Admin challenge screen. Of course it's out of warranty (purchased...