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    Please help in ERROR :THE BATTERY METER-THE SYSTEM CANNOT FIND THE FILE is frequently display in desktop.please help me.
  • Forum Thread: Out or warranty department damaged my unit and then shipped it back.

    Like the title said, i had sent my laptop in for repairs knowing full well that the unit was discontinued so that they had limited parts for this type. The M17X - R2. From the original purchase of this unit i have had issues with the video card, and mother board, and have had to send it in multiple times...
  • Forum Thread: Laptop battery icon says plugged in, charging, but stopped charging after upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 8.1 Pro

    Purchased an upgrade for my Windows license from 8.1 to 8.1 Pro on Sunday in the US (I had done the update to 8.1 from Win 8.0 months ago without issue). Since that time, my Inspiron 15R (5537, Mid 2013, non-touch screen) has stopped charging...although the battery icon says 'plugged in, charging'...
  • Forum Thread: My latitude d610 battery wont charge....PLEASE HELP

    i have tried a few suggestions but my battery still wont charge.....PLEASE HELP ME.....i really would appreciate responses ASAP.....i need this issue fixed
  • Forum Thread: E7440 battery issue

  • Forum Thread: Dell Battery Meter- Disable Battery Charging

    Hi Everyone, Well I recently bought an Inspiron 14 series 7000 (7437) and I'm very surprised that in my battery meter I do not have the option to disable battery charging. Is this normal? Is there something missing? Are there any options to disable batter charging? I tried to change Bios...
  • Forum Thread: Battery life reducing

    I have a dell inspiron 5537. I got it less than 6 months back. Initially, the battery could last for 9 hours and a few minutes when fully charged (98-100%). Now it shows around 3 hours and 45 minutes when completely charged. What is the cause of this reduction in battery life and how can I regain the...
  • Forum Thread: Laptop shuts down before any low battery alert can pop up

    Hello, This is my first time posting but I cannot find any definitive answers online or in these forums. I have a Dell XPS 15'' L502X. it is about 3 years old. in the last few weeks the laptop has started turning itself off without warning. I have the low battery warning set to around 15...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Ultrabook 14z is not even turning on.

    I had the SAME PROBLEM and i took to the technicial first the yesterday i was working just fine, i turned the Pc off by software (Start/turn of the computer/etc) and today it just doesnt turn on. No lights, no nothing.
  • Forum Thread: Dell Ultrabook 15z Battery(DESKTOP mode,Wear level)

    Hello .. i've purchased this ultrabook (5523) 1.2 years ago.. i am happy with it , but a little confusion is Battery's wear level . it shows me 21% wear level... what is it and is it bad for my ultrabook.. and second is it good to play games heavy ames like (splinter cell blacklist , assasins...
  • Forum Thread: Latitude 13 Battery

    I want to buy a batter for my laptop Dell Latitude 13. Amazon and eBay offer battery: ( Vostro V13 ). Do you think this is the right replacement?
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron 15R SE 7520 Battery not charging

    I have a Dell 7520 and when the Charger is plugged in it says 'plugged in charging' even though the battery is draining and the percentage goes down. It eventually goes off when run out of battery even though im connected to A/C The charger is working as ive used it on a second 7520 that I...
  • Forum Thread: My inspiron 3521 battery suddenly shows permanent failure.???

    I plug in charging when it shows red light or low battery sign, went to bed after shut down the laptop wake up 4 hour later , open the laptop and the battery is at 64 % and not charging , when open battery settings it shows your battery is failed permanently replace it. It is just 10 months old what...
  • Forum Thread: Managing Level of Battery Charging Dell Vostro 5470

    Hello, After I buy new computer Dell Vostro 5470 I found there is no option to set the highest level of battery charging when you are using computer most time with AC. Do you have any tips how to fix this problem? Does Dell have program for managing this? For example I want have battery between 20...
  • Forum Thread: Regarding genuine of the battery.

    I bought a Dell JWPHF 6 cell battery online. I doubt that it is the genuine battery . Please someone tell me how to check it. Since after booting the windows it gives a error message that this battery is supported and it will not charge.
  • Forum Thread: Battery and Serial Number

    Hi All, I bought a battery for my latitude E6500 from and ebay seller who sells the battery with “ original” tag. It has a serial number and made in china. Is there any way I can check the authenticity of the battery? Any help is much appreciated Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Dell Studio - Battery not Identified and WiFi not Connected

    Hello, I bought Dell Studio 1555 in August 2009. I mostly use my laptop on my desk at home. I have now two following issues in my laptop: Issue #1) Battery Issue I always disconnect AC adapter during night and shutdown every night. In July 2014, I was very busy working on my laptop, so did not...
  • Forum Thread: Dell inspiron 15r N5010 battery notification problem

    hi, i recently bought new battery for my Inspiron 15R N5010 laptop. it gives almost 2 hrs backup but it gives false notifications and performs false operations. when my battery is fully charged i.e. 100% it immediately starts showing battery low message.. and then hibernates my laptop on around...
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 5537 Battery charging issue

    My laptop has been in service about 6 months and the battery will not charge. I have run diagnostics on the laptop and battery results are all good. Battery / AC adaptor is working. Any ideas?
  • Forum Thread: Battery Issues inspiron 15 laptop

    I'm having issues with the battery on my Dell Inspiron 15 7537 i purchased around May 6 of 2014. When started a screen pops up informing me that the battery is "not supported" and to press f1 to continue. Once in windows a screen pops up telling me that my battery needs to be replaced and...
  • Forum Thread: Studio 1735 Power shut down problem using AC

    When plugged into AC, my Studio 1735 laptop shuts down at random times. I have heard this may be because the battery (which is several years old) needs to be replaced. However, the shut down occurs when powered by AC. I never use it on battery power, it sits on our kitchen counter plugged into the wall...
  • Forum Thread: Alienware 17 R5 - Battery acting weird?

    Hello guys, a few weeks ago I bought the latest model of alienware 17. I always have the laptop on a cooling pad. I was watching youtube (laptop was not plugged in) and suddenly everything became really laggy. I plugged in the power with no effect, I restarted, looked in bios and said that the battery...
  • Forum Thread: undetected battery dell inspiron 14

    Hi! I sold 10 laptops and 5 of them are not detecting the battery. They start charging but 1 minute after it appears the non detected battery icon, the charge led turns of and 15 seconds later it starts all over again. I tested with different AC adapters, with the good batteries, reinstalling windows...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell XPS 15 9530 Battery Issue

    Hi guys, I have also been having the same problem. I got my mid-tier 9530 XPS about a month ago (August 2014), even brand new the battery lasts like you guys have said. 2.5hrs or 3 if I'm lucky, but it varies even down to <2hrs at "100%" charge... I have everything turn on to maximize...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Vostro Battery Problem

    I have Dell vostro 3550 , while plug in the charger, it show msg plugged in, not chrging.