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  • Forum Thread: Can a DeLL boot disk from a DIMENSION DIM4600 Windows XP HOME Edition PC BooT a DELL LATITUDE D600 XP PRO. LapToP ?

    GreeTinGs and ThanK YoU for your time ! LapTop DELL LATITUDE D600 Windows XP pro. LapTop never boots it just restarts over and over from F8 page . IT Will not Boot in "safe mode" or any other mode. As it boots and stops you see the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH a.K.a. error page but it only stays up...
  • Forum Thread: Drivers for D630 for Windows 7

    I've purchased a new hard drive for my D630, am also planning on using windows 7 64 bit. What drivers do I need? Are there Windows 7 drivers? I have a list of the XP drivers,
  • Forum Thread: Reinstall Vista from XP downgrade

    When I bought my Inspiron 1545 in 2010 it was running Vista, in 2012 I was having that much trouble with the speed I obtained a legal copy (I think) of XP and installed that on it. Now XP is no longer supported I want to put Vista back on but the recovery CD that I made doesn't appear to work it...
  • Forum Thread: Need to transfter Outlook 2007 from old PC with Windows XP to new laptop Windows 8

    I want to start out by saying, I am basically a novice so if I’m not providing enough info please advise and I will do my best to provide more. I have new Dell Inspiron M731R laptop w/windows 8. I thought I had purchased Outlook but it wasn’t included w/my preinstalled Microsoft Office package...
  • Forum Thread: Latitude D505 Windows 7 Compatible?

    I bought this laptop used, with a fresh install of Windows XP. It's an old laptop, is it compatible with Windows 7?
  • Forum Thread: Forgot password to windows xp Pro

    I forgot my password to windows xp pro but know my username. HELP
  • Forum Thread: Vostro 1720 upgrade from XP to Win 7 32-Bit

    I purchased my 1720 with Windows 7 downgraded to XP. I have the Win 7 disk (from Dell) to upgrade the system, but am concerned about the proper sequence to proceed to upgrade properly and install all the drivers I need to make everything work properly. I do not have to save any data or programs that...
  • Forum Thread: Windows doesn't detect Network Adapter

    What would explain Windows not detecting the Ethernet NIC hardware? Laptop is Inspiron Mini 1012 with Windows XP SP3. This laptop has an RJ45 jack for an Ethernet cable, and the Dell Diagnostic Utility detects, under PCI Devices, a Realtek RTL8103 PCI-E Fast NIC and it passes all tests. The Vendor...
  • Forum Thread: Replace Windows XP on Dell Inspiron Mini 10

    Can the Atom Z530 processor support Windows 7? Is there any other viable option to replace Windows XP? Thanks!

    I have two computers I need to share the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Will the TrentNet 2 Port USB KVM Switch Kit work for Dell Dimension 2350 (old) and Dell Inspiron 660s (new)? The old computer is a Windows XP and the new computer is a Windows 8 computer. Thanks for any suggestions! Jan PS Sorry...
  • Forum Thread: Unable to install ZTE 3g dongle in Windows Xp version 2002 Sp3 (Dell latitude E6410)

    Hello, I was using ZTE dongle (Airtel 3g) for the last one year. But recently I connected one Huawei dongle, that time I faced some difficluties while connecting. I uninstalled the connectivity software of Airtel. Then installed "mobile partner" connectivity software for Huawei dongle....
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1300 and Windows XP

    Yes, I know . .it's an old little machine and outdate OS . .but I can't part with it. I was having trouble with it so I re-formatted the hard drive and re-installed the Operating System. Of course I can't find the disk that came with it containing the Drivers (I've move more than 5...
  • Forum Thread: Latitude D420 - Getting a Clean XP Pro Installation to Have Internet Connectivity

    Yes, I know it is a really old machine, but it still runs fine. I somehow installed something on it and it blue screened. I couldn't fix it with the Windows XP Pro installation disc, so I wiped it clean and reinstalled XP Pro, unfortunately losing everything on the computer along with all the drivers...
  • Forum Thread: Wireless band 2.4 or 5Ghz for Intel PRO 2100 3A mini PCI adapter

    Hi According to device manager I have the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3A Mini PCI Adapter in my ancient Dell Latitude X300, still running on XP SP3 with all updates. My Internet provider , Virgin, have given me the Super Hub 1 which has the option of setting the wireless band at 5 GHz or 2.4...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Replaced Hard Drive on used Dell Latitude D630

    Thanks for your response. If I upgrade to Windows 7 what would I need to do differently as far as drivers if anything.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell D630 shutting down issue

    Sorry for the delayed reply. The issue is not present in safe mode. Thanks
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell D630 shutting down issue

    Thanks for your reply. I took the steps that you recommended but they achieved nothing and the issue persists. I am very grateful for your help; have you any other suggestions? Thanks
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell D630 shutting down issue

    There was no error. Actually I can't see how it would be a hardwaer issue as the problem was not present prior to my re-installing Windows on the laptop. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  • Forum Reply: RE: Dell D630 shutting down issue

    Hi, Here is the screenshot: Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Dell D630 shutting down issue

    Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D630 here. I recently reinstalled Windows XP on it, which all went fine, but when I shut down the computer, it just shows my desktop (without the taskbar or icons though) for about ten minutes before shutting down. This long wait is very frustrating. Does anyone know why...
  • Forum Thread: Looking for XP driver for BCM2045 on a M90

    Just purchased a used M90, did a fresh XP install, and installed all the Dell driver packages offered for my service tag... except for one. I can't seem to find the driver for the BCM2045. I had seen in this forum some discussion on this for other laptop models, but the links for those drivers...
  • Forum Thread: Dell inspiron 1300 not finding own wifi after clean xp install

    Hi, After doing a fresh xp clean install (no problems just wanted a fresh system) and downloading all the drivers (except ethernet controller) My Laptop cannot find our own wifi connection, Its finds everyone elses wifi but ours. I know that it is not a router problems as another laptop, netbook,...
  • Forum Reply: Re: dell n4050 won't wake up from sleep

    Hi! I also have the same problem. The system came with Ubuntu but I changed the OS to Windows XP and downloaded the video drivers from Intel for Intel HD Graphics. I have no other problems except it won't resume from standby or hibernate. I already flashed BIOS to A04 and made sure I was using...
  • Forum Thread: Cursor moving around screen when typing - what driver do i need?

    I recently had my Dell Inspirion 6000 set back to scratch as i had a major fault. A local firm did it, but when i type my cursor moves around the page, it appears in a previous line or word nad its annoying as i have to type very slowly as each letter can jump into another word. Someone mentioned...
  • Forum Thread: Mouse / Battery Problems

    I will try and be as concise and to the point with my problem. Currently, I'm using my wife's laptop because my Dell Inspiron 9400 takes too long to type anything out. Two days ago, my laptop was fine, but yesterday (7/19), I noticed my cursor not moving very well when using the touchpad. I don't...