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  • Forum Thread: auto selection of the last item..

    hi everyone, the cursor moves to the last item of anything of my system. on the desktop it selects the last icon like when u single click on an icon. on the browser it automatically moves down to page end. been banging my head for a few days. ANY SOLUTION IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED.
  • Forum Thread: Scroll

    Ever since I had my Dell Inspiron Notebook m5010 the scroll was working. It now is either off or not working. I keep looking in control panell and on google and can not find any where to help me fix it. can you please help! Thank you, Nichole
  • Forum Thread: scrolling on dell

    Hi i just bought my first dell laptop this month and all of a sudden my scrollig has stopped working , i have checked it out and there is no hardware faults so does anybody know how to get it back , i am guessing i must have changed the settings by accident so please can somebody help me . i have checked...
  • Forum Thread: Not support external mouse or keybord in dell inspiron n4110 windows 7 64

    I bought new dell laptop (dell inspiron n4110 ) first i installed windows 7 32 there are no problems with exter nal mouse or key borad . they are workinh properly after that I installed windows 7 64 then external mouse or key board not working i m sure that mouse and keyboad working also...
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad on Dell E6500 with Windows 7 cannot be turned off

    Actually there is no visible touchpad application in device manager. No tab on HID-compliant or PS/2 Compatable mouse to change it. The F5/Fn function was tried. I have downloaded and used the following drivers and suggested fixes from various sites: DELL_MULTI-DEVICE_A07_R262123, DELL_TOUCHPAD...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Inspiron built-in mouse not working

    Hi. I have problem with my built in mouse, can't click any of its buttons. I can still use the pad to move the cursor and click. Any help on how i can fix this? could that be a hardware or software issue? Thanx.
  • Forum Thread: External Mouse not working with Alienware M14x

    I have a new Alienware m14x with Windows 7 64bit. And every time I plug in an external mouse I can no longer click on anything. I click and it deselects the window that I was clicking on. I can still use the keyboard to navigate the windows, but it seems like when I use the mouse I am clicking on a hidden...
  • Forum Thread: mouse and trackpad not working (orange light above mousepad) on dell inspirion N1150 laptop

    there is an orange light above my mouse on the laptop, and the mouse will not work, only external mouses do. i am thinking this may be because i have been leaving my laptop on for excessive periods of time. any ideas?
  • Forum Thread: Dell inspiron n5110, i have fix the black screen with windows 8, i have installed bios 'a11' but now when i'm on windows 8, my dell stop running it , i cant move the mouse cant have access at taskmanager

    Dell inspiron n5110, i have fix the black screen with windows 8, i have installed bios 'a11' but now when i'm on windows 8, my dell stop running it , i cant move the mouse cant have access at taskmanager
  • Forum Thread: Pointstick mouse freezes while typing

    I have a Latitude E6430 laptop running 64-bit Windows 7. Whenever I type on the keyboard, the mouse cursor freezes in place and stays that way until about a second after I stop typing. This only happens when using the pointstick, not a USB mouse. I've updated to the latest drivers and the problem...
  • Forum Thread: lost password

    problem with my laptop ( dell inspiron 1525 ) about forgetting bios password service tag : < ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> please help me my e_mail : < ADMIN NOTE : Email id removed per privacy policy>
  • Forum Reply: Re: My Dell in 99 Seconds : Laptop Troubleshooting Videos

    Hello, I do not know if I am on the right post. I just need some help with my Dell Latitude 5520. I have changed my hard disk and reinstalled Windows 7. My FN key + F3 or + F5 do not work anymore. I Have a dual point touchpad with track stick and normal touchpad and I can hardly write because the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Can't disable trackstick on Inspiron 8600!

    Floating - Drifting cursor problem solver (Fix) BEST EVER - download this software it works immediate. Works on all machines in addition to DELL - you name it - it also helps to de-sensitize your touchpad to less touchy - so that the palm of your hands while...
  • Forum Thread: Vostro 3500 Touchpad Problems

    Hello, I'm someone here can help me. My touchpad is driving me crazy. When I try to scroll or highlight something or even grab a the edge of a window to change its size, my mouse skips around, grabs the wrong thing or only highlights part of what I try grab. And the thing that drives me the craziest...
  • Forum Thread: Need help disabling mouse touch pad on a Studio 1745

    Control panel mouse settings does not give me an option to shut off touch pad and do not want the touch pad mouse functional. Any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Studio 1745 64 bit system
  • Forum Thread: Touchpad locks when using the keyboard both at the same time (bad for gaming)

    To play many games on computers you need to be able to move using the arrows keys and look around using the touchpad. My Inspiron 15r SE (7520) does not allow this. For example, when I hold down the forward arrow key, the touchpad does not work and the cursor doesn't move. I have tried turning off...
  • Forum Thread: Cursor not working

    My cursor has stopped working and therefore finding it hard to work out what has happened and how to fix it! Can anyone help? I have an INsprion 1545.
  • Forum Thread: Latitude D830: Touchpad and PS/2-Mouse

    Hi all, i'm using above Laptop together with a Desktop-PC and both are sharing Keyboard,Mouse and Monitor by a KVM-Switch from Rose Electronics. The Latitude is sitting in a Dockingstation. Because the KVM-Switch doesnt support USB-Keyboard and -mouse i have to use a PS/2-mouse. But the problem...
  • Forum Reply: Re: XPS 15Z trackpad never really shut down when using usb mouse

    I have downloaded the new update and I get the same result. I am using a MS bluetooth mouse, and go to the Cypress touchpad control panel, and select "disable touchpad when USB mouse is detected" (this is the only choice other than disable touchpad) but it really does not disable the touchpad...
  • Forum Thread: Mouse on inspiron stopped working!

    Hey, i'm wondering if anyone can help me, I got a insipron 1545 (I think) for my birthday last year july. A few times when i have started up my laptop the mouse has stopped working so i've restarted it and it fixed the problem. Last night it just suddenly stopped working! So i restarted the laptop...

    Hello everyone! I was with Dell tech support a moment ago and notified them with the issue with the touchpad on my Inspiron 13z and . It came with windows 7 and was upgraded with win8. After installation I went to download the latest toupad driver. 8.1200.101.214. But there's a problem. The software...
  • Forum Thread: Touch screen driver for windows 8

    Hello, everybody My mouse is so crazy and moves randomly .. i tried to solve it many times but i discover the problem not with touch-pad driver But with the N-trig driver So, i want to have the proper touch screen driver for win-8 x64 cause i can't use my laptop in such this state ((...
  • Forum Thread: 3 finger flick problem.

    Hi, I've turned on the 3 finger flick gestures for my Dell Inspiron 14R Special Edition. The drag down gesture was suppose to minimize all opened windows, but instead now its just showing the settings tab on the right (windows 8 charm bar settings). How do I make it work to minimize windows?
  • Forum Thread: Inspiron 1721 touchpad not scrolling

    My laptop touchpad stopped scrolling last week. The icon for Dell Touchpad isn't on my taskbar anymore either. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  • Forum Thread: Disable touchpad selectively for Inspiron 1545

    I have some programs installed that have created a virtual mouse, which my laptop has decided is real. I know how to disable my touchpad when a different pointer/mouse device is plugged in, but with the virtual mouse, even if I unplug my real mouse, the touchpad is still disabled. Is there a way to set...