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How to disable annoying Quickset message pop-ups.


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How to disable annoying Quickset message pop-ups.

  • Does anyone know how to keep a Dell QuickSet dialog message from repeatedly popping up every 5 to 10 minutes.

    The message displayed says

    No wireless adapter installed/enabled in the system. Please install/enable a wireless adapter and try again.

    I have an Inspiron 600m with Centrino wireless chip. If I leave my computer ON, this message will display repeated with a new dialog box each time until my task bar is filled with it.  This dialog box even interuptted a slideshow in progress.

    This message did not appear the first four and a half months I owned my machine.  Now, it appears constantly.  I did check the Quickset program and did not find any setting to disable these messages.

    Any ideas to disable the message would be greatly appreciated.

  • bubbadubba,

    Thank you for using Dell's Community Forum.

    If you right-click on the quickset icon in your taskbar, you can choose to turn “wireless activity indicator off�.
  • Hi Corey C.

    I just had an opportunity to do check the setting "wireless activity indicator off".  However, this did not seem to do the trick.  After 10 minutes (I timed it this time), the QuickSet message dialog popped up again.  When the message did, I went back onto the QuickSet icon in my task bar and right-clicked again to make sure that I had indeed checked it.  It was checked.

    Any more ideas?

    Also, a second question (unrelated to the first one related to the Quickset pop-up message).  It must be due to my QuickSet setting but now my laptop screen goes black when I don't do anything for about (I estimate) 1 minute.  I checked the Power Options on my Control Panel and it is set to turn off monitor after 15 minutes.  There is no time setting in Quickset that states how soon it will shut off my laptop monitor.  How can I keep my laptop monitor from shutting down every one minute?

  • bubbadubba,

    I would try completely removing, and then reinstalling Quickset then.
  • I will try that.  However, since QuickSet was installed at the factory, do you know which Dell CD the Quickset software is located in?


  • Corey,

    I did as you instructed.  I uninstalled QuickSet (my pc version was 1.6.2).  I reinstalled from the Dell CD.  The only versions they had was Rev: A06, A07 and A08.  A08 translated to version 1.5.7.

    I installed 1.5.7 and the same thing is happening.  The same QuickSet message is displaying (even after I put a check on "wireless activity indicator off".

    If there is no way to disable the pop-up message, I could just leave QuickSet uninstalled but don't know what that would mean to my laptop.  Will it mean it would be less efficient in managing Power?  I would rather leave QuickSet installed and have this dialog go away.

    Let me know.