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Relaoding Inspiron 7000


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Relaoding Inspiron 7000

  • I have an NT Inspiron 7000. I have used
    the zzload option on my desktop system in the past to do a full reinstall just like from the factory. Anyone know how to do this for the notebook?
  • If its not corrupted, then just run zztop, as you would with a desktop. I’m sure you’re already aware of the fact, but incase your not, the zztop image is not a true file and will eventually be written over and thus unusable. Defrag, and Norton Speed Disk, may cause the image to be written over also.

  • I advise people against zztop. It is a poor excuse for a system backup and if your system was buggy when you first got it. Then it will still be buggy after you run zztop. I advise doing a total reformat even though it is harder and takes longer then zztop. Paste the following link into your browsers address bar for more information.....:)

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  • Probably no surprise that the (old) link no longer connects to anything.
    I am in the situation where I want to reload Dell INSPIRON 7000 and am at the point where the hard drive is formatted and I can boot from hard drive or floppy drive (for Windows 9x).
    However, I need a CD driver that works with the CD drive in the Inspiron 7000.
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    Robert Braxton (Alexandria, VA)
  • If you use WIN98SE or higher you dont need many drivers.

    The modem, Luxsonar dvd decoder card, and Audio are all

    that is required.

    Games will need the updated ATI drivers and directx 8.1b

    Windows 2000 Drivers (Dell Support)
    Installation Instructions for Win 2000 Drivers in Win XP (DellTalk)

    I7K service manual (Dell Support)



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  • Thank you. For the DVD, I downloaded lux2052.exe Hard-Drive format

    The size is 1,804 KB (too large) and I need floppy diskette(s) format since I do not yet have Windows 98 SE back on the Inspiron 7000.

    "This file is a self-extracting image that contains the Windows 98 Luxsonar DVD driver v1.2052.0329 for the Inspiron 7000 notebook."

    If you already sent (posted) DVD driver link diskette(s) version then I apologize.

    Robert Braxton (Alexandria, VA)


  • [ nearby? (703) 461-1952 ]

    On the Inspiron 7000 I have a folder C:\luxsonor containing _INST32I.EX_; _SETUP.2; _ISDEL.EXE; _SETUP.1; _SETUP.DLL; _SETUP.LIB; DISK1.ID; DISK2.ID; DVD240.INF; LUXDVD.SYS; SETUP.EXE; SETUP.INI; SETUP.INS; SETUP.ISS; SETUP.PKG; VERSION.TXT

    C:\luxsonor> SETUP.exe

    echos "win SETUP.exe" and this indicates to me that this is looking for Windows 98 to be installed.

    Catch-22 is that I need access to the DVD drive in order to run Windows 98 SETUP

    I can run in Windows on a totally different (Dell desktop GX-110) PC.

    WinZip Self-Extractor

    Dell Inspiron 7000 DVD Luxsonor version 1.2052.0319

    IMPORTANT: This file will create the directory C:\luxsonor and run the setup automatically for you.

    Following Reboot, when prompted for the Path select the C:\luxsonor directory.


    Obviously I am (densely) missing something (steps).


    Robert Braxton (Alexandria, VA)

  • I received an older dell inspiron 7000 laptop with windows 2000 but it is in Spanish.  I tried to change language to English but it is asking for a disk.  help please

    reinstalled windows xp sp3 on my dell xps 200 pc
    reports an error in partition do I want to repair? hit R can not repair and install freezes
    tried to delete.... hit D install freezes.

    Desktop does not appear.
    Dell logo and then asks F1 for reboot or F2 settings.

    I would like to make sure that I have the correct settings for a 2005 Dell xps 200.
    I tried to reboot and hit F8 and the same results.

    Does anyone have Dell xps 200 settings for a restore?

    Does anyone know how I can get back to the desktop?

    What am I doing wrong?
    I reinstalled the disk,
    hit F6,

    when I do receive a command prompt it is c:\>
    what do I do after that?

    I typed diskpart enter
    froze again.

    help help help please

    dell xps 200 2005
    system recovery
    no desktop
    no reboot
    hard disk