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Error Code #M1004 on a Inspiron 8600


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Error Code #M1004 on a Inspiron 8600

  • Quick background: I posted about this issue once before and got very little feedback. I think that has to do with the title. I hope this new title will attract some more attention. In short, in about 1 in 10 boot ups of my I8600, it immediately turns itself off and on the next boot, I get the #M1004 error message:

    "Your system automatically powered itself off because it became warmer than expected. This may have been caused by:
    o) operating or storing the system in an enviroment where the ambient temp is too high or,
    o) obstructing the air flow from the system fan vents.
    If this problem recurs please call Dell Support with error code #M1004."

    Now, I find it extremely hard to believe that within less than one second of me pushing the power button to turn the system on, it has gotten hot enough to then shut itself off. I've cleaned the vents out several times to find no dust and the vents are not obstructed. The system has NEVER shut itself off while running.  This happens ONLY immediately after turning it on.

    Now, after a simple search of the forums, it seems the #M1004 error code is quite common but NOT on a Inspiron 8600; in fact I seem to be the only person who has posted about it to the forums. So, the utility patch Dell has released to circumvent this error message is NOT designed for the 8600 and I am not taking my chances using it. This error message has occured with every BIOS my laptop has had. (A02, A03, A04, A06, A07, A08).  

    Since the system otherwise works perfectly, I don't want to ship it off to Dell at this point. Any ideas?

  • Try removing and reseating the fans.


  • It is entirely possible for the cpu die to overheat in that short a time.  I would look to the heatpipe/microprocessor cooling assy. as loose.  Check the interface between the die and the aluminium surface of the cooler.

  • Hi, I 'm searching for an answer as well. I don't get your exact message, but I get a frozen system and a melted screen when it gets to hot.

    There were a lot of postings back in Jan/Feb/March of this year.

    I bought my 8600 in Jan.. but haven't used it much until this past week (I started a new consulting gig).

    It has stopped responding about 5 to 10 times a day depending upon how much I use it.

    It seems to be a temperature thing.. but I haven't found a good answer / fix yet.


  • KP1, I would suggest downloading and installing I8kfanGUI so you can monitor your temps.

    As to the other reponses, I appreciate the help so far. Since I have only had my I8600 since Jan., I would prefer not to take it apart, though I feel confident I could handle the task. I pulled the CPU Fan out cleaned it real good (no real dust on it) and cleaned the fins on the heatsink with some alcohol on a Q-Tip. Some real thin dust but nothing serious. While I realize a CPU die can reach critical temp very quickly (I had a lose heatink on a AMD 1800+ cause the CPU to blow itself up) I don't understand why a lose heatpipe/sink on my laptop would manifest itself this way. This error has occured after the laptop has been sitting still for hours. Before shutting down the temps are always fine, I can't imagine the slight movement from pushing the power button would jiggle it lose enough to cause it to reach a critical temp in a split second. Also, if it were lose, I would expect the laptop to have trouble occasionally while running. I have many times picked the laptop up and carried it around while it is on, never to have it turn itself off....

  • Glad to know I'm not the only one. I have the exact same problem as cademetz. I bought my 8600 in January and every 6-7 startup I get the warning message . So far I have ignored it but I'm worried if it might cause long term damage. The laptop seems to be coping fine with 3D gaming (no overheating or weird graphics) and movies so I doubt its a hardware problem. If anyone can help, I'll be grateful.