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reserve battery


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reserve battery

  • I suspect that I need a reserve battery for my Inspiron 4150. Could someone kindly show me a link for buying this battery? Thanks.
  • Look here, get the part number, and google it.  Looks like it is made by Varta.

  • Thank you, John.

    It is a VARTA rechargeable botton cell (6x1). 7.2V, a5mAh, Ni-MH, 6/V15H

    I searched and found one which is in UK. Do you know where it can be available in US?



  • Everything I found was in the UK or Australia.  I did learn you can also fit 6/V40H or 6/V80H-FL2 packs.  They just have more charge, but the same voltage - they would last longer.  Have you tried calling Dell Spare Parts?
  • I am sorry but I don't know how to reach Dell Spare Parts. Could you shed light on this? Thanks a lot.
  • Look at the bottom of my post....
  • I got it. I should have seen that earlier :-). Thanks for your help, John.