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  • Does anyone know how to contact Dell's legal department?  Since it has been 2-1/2 weeks and Inspiron Tech Support and Axim Tech Support can't seem to resolve my connection problems, maybe the legal department can!

    Tech Support is unreliable!  Neal in Inspirion Tech Support had me reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows XP and said he would call back in 80 minutes to assist in completing reinstallation.  That was Thursday, May 13th.  This is now May 17th -- 4 days later and I am still waiting.

    My Axim X5 will not connect with my Inspiron 5100 despite uninstalling and reinstalling the ActiveSync software, reformatting my hard drive, reinstalling the Pocket PC 2002 ROM.

    Still no connection! Any suggestions? (It's not the Axim since it synchronizes just fine on a desktop computer, just won't work on Inspirion 5100.)  Definitely an unresolved problem with my Inspiron.

  • i don't have the address for the legal department but i do know dell's main offices are at One Dell Way Roundrock tx 78682.  Probably just address it to the legal dept. or attention to them etc.  I've never written there but was givin that address by a tech agent that was extrememly helpful when i asked where i could send a letter to help him out 

    might also try searching here on the support site or at for the address too.  click the contact us link or use this address

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  • You probably dont want to contact the legal dept, but the PR'll likely get a better reponse there. Though, i bet if you get a lawyer friend to send them a nastygram, you might get a response too.
  • Just call Tech support again and tell them you want it Escalated!
  • yeah, i find it's always pretty helpful to ask for a "supervisor". . once you say that, it always seems to work itself out - either the person you say this to tries harder to resolve the issue or the supervisor will end up sorting it.  good luck -
  • SimplyKath,

    The proper place to post this would be on the Customer Care Board.

    Thank you for choosing Dell.