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Keyboard acting funny


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Keyboard acting funny

  • Hi,

    My inspiron keyboard has started acting funny. Some of the keys are not working, some of the keys act funny. For example key 'U' registers a "left arrow action". Pressing the right "ctrl" key puts the system in stand by mode.

    I am still under warranty (Limited warranty). Will this be covered ?

    If no, how can I order a new replacement keyboard from dell ?




  • What system/OS do you have?  Did you look at the FAQ page at the top of this board for info?  It sounds like you have to re-install the drivers.
  • Hi Ripper,

    Thanks for replying. I am having Win XP.

    I am playing with that machine and I have noticed that the keyboard is acting as if the "FN" key is stuck. For example pressing up arrow key increases the brightness of the screen and pressing down arrow key decreases brightness. Pressing 'U' simulates left arrow key.

    I am convinced that it is a hardware issue.



  • miteshm

    Try removing the keyboard and putting it back making sure it goes in properly.  This issue may have been caused b/c the keyboard was dislodged from it's proper placement in the palmrest assembly.  Click here<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>and choose the system you have on the right.  This will bring you to the Inspiron service manual.  Go to the keyboard section for instructions. 

    Otherwise, call Dell if you still have warranty left.