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how can i find my inspiron 1100's PLL?


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how can i find my inspiron 1100's PLL?

  • how can i find my inpiron 1100's PLL?
  • Your 1100's FSB is clock locked and can't be changed. Don't even bother trying to overclock it.
  • skate624 - no matter how you ask the question, the answer is always going to be the same.  You can't overclock!!!!
  • yes you can.

  • Well then, go ask over there and quit asking here.
  • Those are desktops.

  • skate624 wrote:

    yes you can.

    Go for it. I'll be sitting here laughing when the motherboard melts, the CPU burns up, and Dell says, "Sorry, we don't cover this under warranty."

    Face it -- you cannot overclock a notebook safely. You bought the 1100...not exactly's Dell's powerhouse notebook.

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  • I am also interested. If there were some way to change FSB and thus CPU clock, it would be an alternative to SpeedStep.  ( the clock could be set to smaller value for internet browsing or working in MS word)  The battery would live longer and the CPU fan would be quieter....