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D400 - Base System Device ?!?


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D400 - Base System Device ?!?

  • Hi,

    I have the following problem. I've installed few days ago windows 2003. It didn't detect almost nothing from the hardware. Anyway, I've managed to find drivers for all detected but not recognized devices. All, except for two. The first one is "Base System Device" and the second one - "Unknown device".

    Anyone had that problem?

    I'll appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!

    PS: if it will help - the devices I've manage to install are - video controler, audio controler, ethernet, modem and chipset.


  • unknown device could be anything, but base system device is the smart card reader.  you have to manually install it
  • Yes, you were right. "Base System Device" is not a problem anymore.

    By the way - I've just found out, that the "unknown device" is actually the IRDA port. But I can't find driver for it in dell's driver database. Any suggestions?

  • The IR port shouldn''t need a Dell driver, just the standard windows driver - on my system it appears as an SMC IrCC Fast Infrared Port.

    Hope this helps,