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Some keys not working


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Some keys not working

  • Some keys on my Latitude CPt laptop are not working properly and it's getting very. Specifically, nothing happens when I press them sometimes--and with increasing frequency. They keys are: "8","i","k",",". My computer is approximately 3 years old and out of warranty. How much would it cost for Dell to fix this? If a lot, I'd like to try to fix it myself. Is there a replacement keyboard I can buy (with instructions)? Thanks.

  • I had the same problem with "i" and "k" keys. All of a sudden they stopped working; and a few hours later I went back to the laptop and, like a miracle, they were working again. Never did figure out the why's and wherefors though.

  • I've had to have the keyboards replaced on many CPx models due to the failure of the keys 8ik,. (It might be related to the heat of the processor below the keyboard.).
    It looks like Dell sells them. Check the exact model number after CPt in BIOS.

    Refurbished: Keyboard 87-Key Internal

    Usually ships in 1-3 days.

    87 key internal keyboard for the Latitude CPtV, CPxH, CPxJ, and CPtS.

    Manufacturer Part# Unknown
    Dell Part# 875DV

    The keyboard is relatively easy to replace.
    *** Unplug the laptop and remove the battery(s) first ! ***
    You remove all the screws marked K on the bottom of the case. Pry up (With small flat screwdriver) next to the arrow keys and the keyboard should easily lift up. You'll then need to remove the keyboard connector and the pointing stick ribbon (Look at your replacement keyboard to see what will need to be removed). Attach the "new" keyboards cables, press the keyboard in place, then attach put all the screws back in and you're done!

  • same here. "8ik," gets crazy. it works one min. ,like right now, then it stops after a while then it comes back on again. do i need a new keyboard?

  • The problem is with the Keyboard connection into the motherboard. It's either the ribbon cable or the connector itself. Dell will replace it for you and the problem will probably come back. We have 150 Latitudes here, and over 50 of them have had this problem. Seems like it's time for a real fix from Dell. They SHOULD issue a recall, but something tells me that REALLY don't want to do that.

  • i´d xperimented the same problems for some time, but i noticed that this problm is related to dust in and some other pieces of dirt in the keyboard bottom layers. I mean the back of the keybrd is protected for a piece of aluminun and plastic, well u need to take off the keybrd from its usual position and clean it very deep. I bought one of those pressuraized air cans, which u can find them in any pc store. Clean it as often as u can and the problm will disappear. I tried several ideas presented here but i consider that this one is more reliable.
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