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Tighten laptop lid hinge?


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Tighten laptop lid hinge?

  • Hi,

    My laptop lid (the screen) is getting very lose and if i rock the laptop the lid has about a 1cm sway. Is there anyway I can tighten the laptop like how it was when I first got it? I assume that something somewhere just needs to be tightened up. Thanks.
  • i have the EXACT same problem, but my inspiron 8100 was always like that since the first day i received it.  if someone can post a link or describe (in detail if possible) how to open this thing up and tighten down whatever is inside, that would be great



  • same thing was told by another poster that the tightness was internal which seems dumb to me

  • so you're saying that there's no way to fix this?
  • I'm looking at the front of the hinges on my 8100 and I see a small round "plug" on each hinge.  I bet you can pop those plugs off and tighten an adjusting screw underneath them.


  • Anyone want to give it a try and let us know ;)

    I had a look and I also see similar hinges. I can't see anything to tighten so I guess there must be something hidden somewhere. I would really like to tighten the hinge as then the laptop will be perfect again :D

    Also does anyone know of a good way to clean the screen mine has some finger marks, etc on it :(
  • if no one tried it by this weekend, ill pop off those lil plugs and poke around, then report back.


    as far as cleaning the monitor, just wipe it down with something.  i dont really care what i use on it - usually just a damp cloth though.

  • I just stuck my little fingernail in the cutout on that "tab" and it hinged itself to the side.  Underneath us sure 'nuff a small phillips head screw.  'Bet that tightens it!!


  • i will try it out later thanks all.
  • i tried it.  it didnt work.  first of all, on my laptop (inspiron 8100), the little thing didnt "hinge over", it was just a little sticker-like thing.  and i tightened the screws, but they only seem to tight the hinge where it attaches to the screen/monitor.  i need to tighten the hinge where it attached to the bottom part of the laptop (like, the keyboard part.)
  • On my 5150, there is a thin, long cover that goes from side to side along the top - above the keyboard. If you remove that, the hinge covers are part of that cover. The actual hinges are below that cover, and it appears that one would tighten a nut on the end of each hinge to tighten the action. That is a 5150 however, not sure if your machines have that setup or not. One thing, the screen needs to be open pretty far back to remove that long cover.