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Battery Indicator Light Goes Off When Not Fully Charged

  • I got a used battery that was reportedly good.
    When I got it one light was lit on the battery test.

    When I plugged in the adapter the battery light indicator came on as it should.

    After charging for about 2 hours, the battery light went out!

    The charge is now at 26% (2 lights on test) now but seems to not charge any more

    Pulling the battery out and re-seating it makes the light come back on momentarily but then
    goes back out.

    When using the computer the battery indicator comes back on (solid) for a while and then goes back off

    I don't know if the battery is bad, the AC power adapter is bad, bios is bad, or hardware is bad.

    Latitude (C Family)
    Battery (851UY) (1800 mAh)




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  • OK, I admit the above was strange but it now has finally starting charging correctly, all the way up to 100%, but

    when I run the laptop, it goes down and then off in about 5 mintues.

    So I'm assuming that this is a bad battery that I got?

    Even though it charges up to 100% but doesn't keep the laptop running for more than 5 minutes.



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