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Touchpad not responding to tap


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Touchpad not responding to tap

  • Inspiron 4100 xp home

    My touchpad stopped working yesterday evening. I can see and move the cursor but when I tap on the pad there is no reaction. I cannot use it to send a command. I have synaptics touchpad installed and the latest update. I have found a mouse and that works fine. I booted to the diagnostics cd and ran a test on the one device. I got a couple of boxes. I moved the cursor to the left box. It was clear and then filled with colour. I clicked on the arrow on the keyboard and tried the right box. It didn't fill with colour. In fact nothing seemed to happen. I was left looking at the same screen. In the end I aborted the test. I have the feeling that it's a hardware problem with the touchpad.

    Would anyone have any help, comments, suggestions please?


  • I am also having the same problem with my Inspiron 4100 thouchpad.  In addition the mouse  buttons also do not respond.  I can move the mouse around with the touchpad but can't select or activate anything.  I have reinstalled the driver and checked settings.  Am having to use an external mouse.  Dell support was not able to help. 
  • Isilwen,

    I have just been on the telephone to Dell hardware support. They agreed it is a failure of the hardware. They are going to collect and repair under warranty.

    I suggest you contact them again.


  • joshperk,

    OK, thanks.