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Error Message

  • Hi,

    I recently loaded a first layer of BIOS onto my laptop latitude CPxH (using Norton Ghost 2003) however after the load was compete and the computer restarted I received an error message: ACS0314

    The folks over at Norton have said it is not due to the program and something to do with the laptop.  Does anyone have any idea as to what may have gone wrong or what the error message stands for?                       A colleague has already contacted a DELL operator but they were not sure on what the error message stood for.

    Once again, any advice on the matter would be very much appreciated

    Thanks and Regards


  • Ghost has nothing to do with the BIOS. Ghost will copy/image and restores the hard drive not the BIOS. So if the PC is trying to boot/load the OS (operating system) and then you get the error message it's a problem with the image you used. You could try just doing a fresh install of the OS on the HDD. If this error you are getting is before the OS starts to load, as soon as you hit the power button, then it could be a problem with the BIOS or the motherboard. Do a search on google for the error code you got.
  • Thanks Ed C for adivice very much appreciated.

    Will keep you informed as to whether or not we were successful