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Inspiron 5150 Clicking Noise


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Inspiron 5150 Clicking Noise

  • Hello there.
    I noticed some strange things are going inside my Inspiron Laptop. I´ve read other threads concerning "Clicking Noises" in this forum but no thread describes what my Inspiron does.
    Now to the problem itself:
    About ten minutes after powering on my laptop a strange periodically clicking noise (sounds metallic - like some metal bursts because of temperature) appears and the strange thing is even if i shutdown the system, remove the battery and the ac power cord the clicking noise remains there for over half an hour. It´s no very fast clicking, it appears periodically every minute or so.
    I then also tried to remove the hdd from the Inspiron but even with the hdd removed the clicking noise is there.
    I´ve no idea where the problem is located. Has anybody had such a problem with his Inspiron?

    Here my system specs:
    Dell Inspiron 5150
    Mobile P4 3,06 GHz
    512 MB DDR-RAM
    Hitachi Travelmate 60 GB / 4200 UPM HDD
    2x DVD+RW/32xCD-RW/16xDVD-ROM (Combo Drive)
    Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 Go
    Sigmatel AC´97 Sound
    Dell Truemobile 1300 WLAN MiniPCI Card
    Broadcom 440x integrated 10/100 MBit Network Controller
    BIOS Revision A29
    Windows XP Pro


    Hope someone could help me to get rid of this noise.

  • try to run a diagnosic test on the computer and see if any devices are failing. besides the hard drive, the cd drive and the fan are sources of clicking noises for the computer. so try to eliminate them by running tests.
  • Capacitators on the mainboard can hold electricity for up to 2 hours, so even with all power sources gone, there is still energy there. But in reality, that should not make a clicking noise. Sounds like a expansion and contraction of something. Have you ever stripped the notebook? If yes, you may have missed a screw, and the plastic casing itself could be expanding and contracting as a result of the head present when it was on. With harddrive out, this seems the only logical proble, as nothing else moves in the laptop. Well besides the CD Rom, but one would not expect this to move without electricity. If you have taken the book apart, do it again, rechecking that everything is nice and tight. If you have not, I woul consider the old Dell Technical warranty call.

    All the best.

  • is there a cd in the drive?

    it might be the cd-dvd combo drive

    try downloading this file from this website R69582.EXE or try this

    1) Click the "Start" button
    2) Click "Run"

    3) Type "MSCONFIG"
    4) Click the Startup Tab
    5) Disable any entry related to Sonic DLA
    You may be able to uninstall the Sonic DLA software from Add\Remove programs in the control panel.



  • Haunted 5150

    Maybe it is coming from the cpu ... my 5150 cpu makes more like a "buzzing" sound, but only when it is on.'

    I agree with the statment that some residual capacitance may be powering some components. My guess is your sound may be related to the audio system or motherboard.

  • Mine clicks also but not when powered down.

    I just cant seem pin point why it does.