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Serial Number Location???


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Serial Number Location???

  • Does anyone know which number on a Dell Latitude is the serial number? There is no label that indicates "S/N" or anything of that nature.

  • Well it not a serial # you want or need it's the service tag and or the Exprees service code. Both of these are on a sticker on the bottom of the notebook.

    There is a model # other than what Dell calls it. My C610 has a model # of PP01L. And there is a Dell LBL P/N #.

  • Thank you. I though perhaps the p/n was the unique identifier I was looking for. I appreciate your thorough answer.

    Thanks again.
  • The Service Tag and Serial Number are the same thing on most Dell Products.

    When Going into the Cmos setup it should indicate the service tag number.

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  • On most of Dell's laptops the serial number is on a label located on the bottom of the case. However on some Latitude's you have to look under the battery.
    They typically start with the letters CN-....
    Hope that helps.
  • serail number dell laptop inspiron n5110 tag (Removed per TOU)