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D600 Blinking red battery light HELP PLEASE!!


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D600 Blinking red battery light HELP PLEASE!!

  • Hello All,

    I am having a terrible problem with my 4-month-old Latitude laptop.  Without any determinable cause, the battery light (below my screen) has been blinking red 4 times and then green once, repeating constantly whenever the power cord is plugged in.  I have to use the power cable to use my laptop at all -- if the power cable is not plugged in, then my laptop is dead.  I have tried two different batteries, both of which are charged and should work fine, but they have given the exact same response.  The laptop does not seem to recognize my battery at all.  Can anyone help me figure out how to use my laptop without the power cord?  Thanks!!!

  • Hello

    I had this problem some minutes ago... but now my notebook it´s working well.
    The temperature of my battery was very very HIGH!!!

    I left D600 disconnected around 30 minutes, and now it´s working.

    I think that the battery is close to death :(
    or AC Adapter it´s not okey.

    I will try charge/discharge this battery (I have another one) and I will say you what happens.

    Please, try to update your BIOS version. Some version include some improves for batt-charge algorithyms (in lastest version A13 it´s included)

    Best regards

    Please be careful with battery temps. May be dangerous to left batteries charging unattended (all kinds of rechargeables batteries, not only Dell notebooks)
  • I have the same problem too. I have a D500 and tried upgrading the BIOS but the problem still. I dont´n know what to do!! Maybe it´s a problem design. How to use my laptop without the power cord?  FAQ doesn´t means anything.