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Inspiron 8100 Keyboard Numeric Keys Stop Working

  • All of a sudden today I am not getting a response when I key a number.  Only 5 and 6 will work on the top row of keys, the special characters don't work either, except for % and ^ whcih are on the 5 and 6 keys.  So I thought I could limp along using NumLock.  With NumLock on I get a j when I key a 1, k when I key 2, etc.  Right now I am using a wireless keyboard to key the numbers into this posting.    Then I did a system restore to a checkpoint of yesterday, that made no differences.   Any idea on how to get the number keys working again?  Thx 
  • did you happen to spill liquid on the keyboard? Feed me some details


  • No liquids, no anything spilled on the keyboard.  Since I did that post I loosened the screws on the back which have a K next to them and then tightened the screws.  I also rolled back one further system checkpoint.  Now the number keys across the top are working, but NumLock is still not working, When I turn on NumLock (and the LED is lit) and key "0123456" using the keypad area with blue numbers I get "mjkluio"! 


    Thx for any help you can give me on any of this.

  • Well, if a System Restore fixed it partially, it is possible that you have some sort of a virus. You can run a free virus scan at and you can also download Spy Sweeper free at .  After running both of these scans, try your keyboard again. If this doesnt fix it there may be a corrupted driver or something.

    Best of luck!


    PS: one more question, did you recently update your BIOS?

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  • I have not updated the BIOS in a long time, so long I don't recall how to do it.    The top row numereic keys are working fine today, the NumLock key still does not lock the blue numeric values for high volume numeric keying.