Mouse SOMETIMES double clicks when I single click, or already have it pressed down.


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Mouse SOMETIMES double clicks when I single click, or already have it pressed down.

  • I am experiencing a very annoying problem. Sometimes, only sometimes, when I click once it will act as a double click. And sometimes, only sometimes, if I'm holding down the mouse button, it will "let go" then click back down.

    My mouse settings are NOT set to double click, ala Web Style browsing. So that is not the problem. I have updated all my drivers, including the synaptic touch pad, my A4 mouse, and my Wacom Tablet. I have uninstalled several drivers to see if any are conflicting. The error persist with several combinations. The error happens on ALL THREE mouse. So it is NOT a defective mouse problem. The error happens with my synaptic buttons, the error happens with my mouse, and it also happens with my wacom tablet. The error is NOT associated with my pointing devices.

    The error must lie somewhere within windows XP.

    I've had it with this glitch. It's not so bad when I'm dragging scroll bar down on the page, and all of the sudden it lets go and then catches it again. However I do mind when I'm scrolling down a page, and the mouse goes a little off center (however it's still withing scrolling distance), and it by chance goes over a link, then the glitch happens, and it clicks into that page. And I REALLY mind when I'm using applications like Photoshop or Combustion where a pressed down mouse that "lets go" messes up my work, and I have to start the selection over.

    I've seen this glitch reported on the newsgroups, and people simply shrug it off as a setting in their mouse buttons, or a bad mouse, and move on. This is neither. I have spents hours performing several tests on several mince, touchpads, and wacom tablets. It's an XP issue. Such a simple bug shouldn't be a problem to fix. Why are we still being plagued by such a random issue.
  •  and if you only use the synaptic driver

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  • Yes.
    I've even tried that.

    I'm drawing it close to my breaking point with this little problem. I'm almost willing to reformat my drive and give XP Pro a shot.