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2004 Laptop Beats 2016 Laptop? Inspiron 5759 Issues


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2004 Laptop Beats 2016 Laptop? Inspiron 5759 Issues

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This laptop in question was purchased through QVC for my grandmother to replace her old, beaten-up Inspiron 1545. However, this laptop has been proving to be more sluggish than this predecesor. It's even more sluggish than my Precision M60 from 2004! The CPU and graphics have been causing the most issues on this laptop. I ran a Linux benchmark test on it, and where it failed miserably is the raytrace test, taking 244.17 seconds, whereas a PowerPC at 280 MHz would have taken 161.31 seconds. Inexcusable!

What can I do to resolve this performance issue? I went through Setup (which takes 2 seconds to draw) but could not find an option for anything that may contribute to performance other than what I have set now, so I'm at a loss. i3-6100U

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  • Thank you for your message.

    We will be glad to assist you on this.

    Is the computer slow during boot or when using any particular application?

    Run a hardware diagnostic by following this link bit.ly/2fJuGXB   & check if there is an error listed

    Please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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  • The computer is slow during boot, and it is also evident by the fact that I stated that it takes 2 seconds to draw the system setup screen, when it should take about a quarter of a second or something.

    When diagnostics are run, it only reports that no battery is installed.

  • Your best bet with a defective on arrival new system is to return it for replacement (or a refund).

  • Reply to ejn63: The warranty expired.

    On 5 Oct 2017 6:01, Dell-Sreejith R said:

    >Thank you for the tag details.

    >Does the computer work fine while booting up?

    >The hardware diagnostic passing confirms that there are no issues with the hardware.

    >Right-click on the time on your desktop screen – click task manager – startup tab – disable all options including the antivirus & restart the computer.

    >Check the performance tab check the CPU utilization.

    >The slow performance seems to be caused by an application installed or a corrupt OS.

    Other than the speed of a millennium laptop, it seems to be running okay. It just needs a light operating system for it to be, well, usable. I have the Lubuntu desktop environment with the Ubuntu core running on it right now and it's still barely acceptable. I'm having my grandmother use my 2004 laptop for now and, according to her, it works much better than her other one (this nonsense). But I digress. As I've said before, it takes 2 seconds to draw the system setup screen, when it should take no more than a half second. This should be an indication that this is an issue somewhere in the BIOS (which I updated yesterday but it's still not any better), CPU, or graphics.

    If I don't find a solution soon, I may consider getting her a Latitude D810 and putting this laptop in my closet.

  • Here is information about the processor, according to the System Profiler and Benchmark program: