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Dell XPS 13 9365 Loud Beep Issue


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Dell XPS 13 9365 Loud Beep Issue

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Hi All,

I've had an XPS 13 2 in 1 for a few weeks now and every so often (a few times a day) it makes a loud beep for a half second. I cant tell if it is coming from the speakers or from something else in the system, but its extremely loud and sharp no matter what the volume setting is at. This isnt the coil whine issue, which I do hear sometimes when the computer is plugged in but it doesn't really bother me. Has anybody else had this issue with their XPS 9365? Is there some way to fix it?

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  • I have heard it twice now.  If it is the same it sounds like a loud screech.  It seems to emanate from the area of the SD reader but I happens so seldom I have no way to catch it happening.

    I can't even find the back speakers.  They must be under the Keyboard.


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  • Yeah it happened pretty infrequently before but now its happening more and more often which is concerning.. and yeah it doesnt seem to emanate from the speakers. To me it sounds like its coming from the keyboard so I was wondering if it is possibly coming from the motherboard or something

  • I have had the same issue. No specifics about what would cause it. The laptop is usually been on a while, not very hot as far as I can tell. If memory serves it's only happened when plugged in. Usually happens about twice a day, and it is not from the speakers, and the PC is muted. Someone in the other forums mentioned it may be the SSD overheating, but I can't confirm that.

    The only changes I made to the hardware was to disable the fingerprint readers (Windows hello drains too much power in sleep.), other than that the system is running without any modification.

  • MikeMcd15,

    Click the link below, choose your system model. OS installed and then update the bios to see if this will resolve the issue.

  • Same issue. Updating bios did not solve the problem.

  • Sorry, I did update the bios, it's the 1st thing I do with new laptops anyway. It does not happen the often but it really is startling when it happens.

  • On my system the sound seemed to come from the area around the Backspace key.  In that area is the M.2 SSD and SD card reader.  Not sure why either of those would make a noise and since you probably cannot do anything about the SSD, maybe try putting in or taking out an SD card.

    There are no speakers back there but it does appear sound does come from that area.  A sound might emanate from a sound system even it is not produced by that system.

    If there is any way to pin down what circumstances are involved with the noise it might help.  I have only heard it once or twice so way too random for me to find it.


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  • Hi all,

    Same thing here, loud random electronic noise beeps. It has happened while doing nothing, browsing, on youtube, even in office excel.

    With the help of dell support, we updated everything, even made a fresh reinstall of windows, and the beeps still happen.

    I have been able to record the beep (after 45 min of recording nothing), so as to make it hear to the Dell support reps.

    While I'm no computer expert, considering that the issue started the day our motherboard was replaced because of a faulty headphone jack, I blame the motherboard for the beeps. Still, Dell refuses to change the motherboard again because of this new (and worse) issue.

    Jesse L, I can send you the audio sample on request.


  • I have the same issue. Loud laser/beep sound. Updated BIOS and other updates available but it didn't solve the issue. It happened 8-10 times to me since I received my unit, Feb. 14th. Twice happened while the lid is close. Other incident happened while on idle. 3 beeps happened today within 20mins time!

    No idea when it's gonna happen, no pattern or sign.

    Hope our Dell support update us and find an answer to solve this problem ASAP. Thanks.

  • Same issue. Have you solved it?

  • There was a new Bios release in March, have you tried that?

    I have heard the noise maybe four times in three weeks, but as was mentioned, so far, too random to be able to track down.  


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  • I just heard it again.  I am going to say it seems to happen when the system is in or transitioning to a configuration other than laptop.  This last instance it was in tablet mode and before that, tent mode..


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  • Hi Guys,

    I have mine since Thursday last week and have obviously been intensively using the machine over the Weekend. I heared the noise 5 times already also completely unrelated to any activitiy. Other than that the machine runs perfectly smooth. Waiting for a Response from Dell Service.

    As I am based in Germany - i could be returning the machine without reason the next 30 days and just simply order a new one but it's really annoying as i've already spend several hours on Settings and do need if for University. What would you do?

  • You have noticed nothing as far as the situation when these sounds occur?  Configuration of the computer, such as a 2in1 configuration or laptop configuration?

    Any opinions as to whether the noise is in the sound system?


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  • It's the 9365 2-in-1 configuration with i5, 8GB and 256GB SSD. It's definitely a Mainboard sound and not coming from the speakers. It might be related to using Touch, Pen and Keyboard in close temporal sequence. But i wouldn't bet on it.

    Maybe an Input Device Driver issue? Same as with old systems when you were pressing to many buttons at the same time?