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dell XPS 13 9360

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So there are couple of problems i am experiencing:

1) slow start up

2) when i pauze a video and hit play again, there is a 2-3 second lag of no audio

3) slow SSD benchmark

I recently posted a topic about the slow SSD and i already bought a new dell since then. This time however its an i7 instead of i5 and its also a different brand of hard drive.. Yet i am experiencing the same problem.. so this cant be hardware related then right.

And can all these problems have to do with the same issue? something that makes the SSD perform poorly?

4) simultaneous use of ,microphone and keyboard/mouse doesnt work??

its not normal right? that so many things are wrong? 

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for writing to us!

    We would suggest you to update the audio and video drivers also with an update on the chipset drivers as well.

    We would also suggest you to run the Dell diagnostics on the system to check if there are any hardware failures.( Boot the system and on the Dell logo tap F12 and follow the on screen instructions) .

    Kindly private message the service tag and email address.



    DELL-Robin D
    Social Media Support

  • Updated the audio, video and chipset drivers. Dell diagnostics did not indicate any failures