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L502x bios-passworded SSD not unlockable in Inspiron 7559


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L502x bios-passworded SSD not unlockable in Inspiron 7559

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Hello folks. 

In the L502x  BIOS password for the SSD is set, and unlocks the SSD just fine. 

When installed into the 7559 it sees the drive and puts up the "drive XYZ  is unlocked, enter password to unlock" . 

The password does not work.     The keyboard is not at fault ( checked via booting with supplied M.2 SSD). 

Drive is a samsung 850 EVO 512  2.5 form factor drive and is not at fault in the l502   

Samsung Magician detects no issues with the SSD 

Does the 7559 bios ( 1.0.2) support  use with these drives ? 



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  • You need to remove the password on the drive before you remove it from the system where it was set.  Once that's done, you can move the drive to a new system (assuming you mean to format it and reload the OS;  there's no way you're going to transfer a bootable drive from an XPS 15 to an Inspiron and be able to boot it into Windows).

    The password is stored on the drive and in the CMOS - once it's set, you cannot access the data other than in the system where the password was set (or until, as above, you remove the password).

  • Thanks for your answer.

    I understand ref booting a 15 vs an inspiron.

    What I cannot understand is why the drive will not unlock -  as I am typing the correct password in why does the bios not send the password to the drive and unlock it.  What step am I missing here?

    I do not wish to erase this drive if I can possibly avoid;  all I want to do is unlock it and use it as an extra drive to the OS with the data  >>>still on it<<.    



  • The drive must be unlocked (password removed) in the system in which the password was originally set.  Mount the drive in that system, enter setup and go to the field where the password is set.  Enter a blank password in both fields and save.  That will clear the password.  Then move the drive where you want it and it will no longer require the password.

  • Thank you for that.

    As it is an SSD does removing the drive password erase the drive ?



  • No, it will not -- the password doesn't encrypt the drive.  If you clear the password on the system in which it was set, you will be able to read the data in another system (but not, as noted earlier, boot the drive in the other system).

  • OK thanks .. I learned something today :)