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dell inspiron n5110 fans work non stop!


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dell inspiron n5110 fans work non stop!

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hello, i have a big problem which make my coputer get to 0 % battary power  very quickly.

fans are not stop working. miadditly while turn on the pc the fans start work,please help me to solve this problem!

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  • If you've never done so, remove the heatsink fan assembly and clean it thoroughly - and replace the thermal pads that sit between the GPU/CPU and heatsink assembly.

    Unfortunately due to the design of this model, it's a major undertaking - see the service manual for the procedure, which includes removing the system board.  You may want to leave the job to a shop - expect about an hour's labor charge, whatever that costs where you're located.

    Service manual: manual_en-us.pdf

  • Have you tested a different AC adapter and battery in this 5 year old laptop? Have you taken a can of compressed air and blown all of the dust out of the system through the bottom and side air vents?