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Dell Inspiron 7559 RAM Upgrade


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Dell Inspiron 7559 RAM Upgrade

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Hi, I am looking into upgrading/adding another RAM for my Dell Inspiron 7559 laptop. Is this specific unit compatible without any issues? I need moderators to answer please thanks in advance :)

RAM Link:

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  • General rule of thumb:  DON'T use "value" RAM on Dell systems -- if you want Kingston memory,

    The part number is KCP3L16SD8/8

  • Thanks for the reply! Did these value ram from kingston explode on Dell systems that is why you have the  general rule of thumb? I think Id be going with the crucial one. Thanks again :)

  • "Value" RAM is usually low-quality RAM - whatever the module manufacturer can buy cheapest when they need to build the module.  That means it's generally not a consistent product -- one package may have modules that work, while others have sloppier tolerances and won't. There's not a dramatic price difference between "value" RAM and higher quality, tighter-spec RAM anyway these days - it's not worth taking a chance on the cheaper memory.