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XPS 15 9550 touchpad issue that Dell apparently can't fix


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XPS 15 9550 touchpad issue that Dell apparently can't fix

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I've had my XPS15 since October, 2015.  The touchpad worked fine until 3 weeks ago when the mechanical click essentially stopped working--I can only get it to click by pushing very hard (10 times normal) along the very front edge.  It's physically broken, and it's not subtle.  It's essentially impossible to drag-and-drop, highlight text, or drag a scroll bar.

I called Dell and they had me ship it to Texas for repairs.  It came back 1 1/2 weeks later, but the touchpad still didn't work.  In fact, it was worse, as the front edge now sticks up 2-3 mm above the palmrest.  So, it doesn't work and it looks bad.

I called again and they had me ship it back to Texas.  It was returned yesterday, but the touchpad still doesn't click.  Per the paper inside the box, they replaced only the power supply and battery--I have no idea why.  (When I look online, it says they replaced the palmrest, but that apparently doesn't include the mechanical part of the touchpad.)

I called Dell again.  They want me to ship it back a third time.  Needless to say, I am losing faith.

Are there any other options?  I asked about taking it to a repair center local to me in Chicago, but they said there aren't any.  That's odd, as there are a bunch of them listed on the Dell service locator page.  At what point would it be reasonable to ask that the laptop be replaced?

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  • I just had a pop up warning on my XPS 15 9550 with a link to dellproduct.com. By providing my service tag id,  it linked to a bulletin message:

    about the free replacement of swollen batteries for (Precision 5510s) and XPS 9550s.

    Kudos to Dell for now proactively doing what is right, providing information to potentially impacted customers.

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  • Hi EELTON1,

    When you state "physically broken" do you mean there is a damage on the palmrest? If yes, what is the extent of the damage? Is the issue with the left button or the right button or the entire touchpad area?

    Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) and I shall review the case history and advise further course of action.

    Also, kindly include few pics of the touchpad misalignment in different angles. If you are unable to attach these to your private message to me, then click on my name and send me an email with the same info.

    Let us know if you have any other queries.

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  • Thanks.  I sent a private message, although I got a "there was a problem with your request" response, so I'll also e-mail you.

  • From my PM:

    I said physically broken to distinguish it from a software/driver issue—when I called after the first “repair,” the support person asked me to reinstall drivers. There are no separate buttons on this touchpad; the entire pad is supposed to click. I can only click (on the left or right) if I push very hard along the front edge.

    The front of the touchpad is elevated above the palmrest. It makes me think there is something stuck underneath it, pushing it up and preventing it from clicking. I would open it myself to look, but I don’t want to void the warranty.

  • I'll post the pictures here as well:

  • Hi Eric,

    I have responded to your private message.

    Kindly check and revert if required.

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  • I am going thru this exact same problem with an XPS 15 9530.  I bought it thru costco and it is less than two years old so they are handling thru their concierge service.  Once it got to their repair facility, they said the touchpad is being elevated because the battery has swollen and is pushing up on the touchpad..  they are supposed to have it back to me by the end of the week.   i will let you know the results when i get it back.

  • Mine is now fixed...on the third try.

  • I have the exact same problem.  It was working before, now I can't press the click section of the mouse pad and its not sitting flush.  It's protruding about 3mil from the surface.  This has to be a known mechanical issue.  Mine occurred while the laptop was closed.  I wonder if the LiPo is expanding when one leaves it charging.  This may cause the Z height stack to go out of compliance.  I've been working and designing these types of consumer products for 17 years.

  • Dell XPS15 TouchPad Issue.jpg

    I have the same problem.  I will attach picture.  I have had my XPS 15 since 2014.  Dell has had to replace the motherboard twice.  First time, one week before one year warranty ran out.  I quickly renewed warranty, then again six months later.  Different issue each time.  Now I have creeping up touchpad.  I sent tech pictures and got a supervisor after that.  Supervisor tells me if the tech finds any evidence that I have dropped the computer or damaged it, I will have to pay for repair.  Not!  When I asked if they had any history of this problem with the touchpad, the supervisor told me, "Not with this model."  So I asked if they had reported problem with other models.  His response was "not really."  Seriously?? One Google search and I found this forum discussing the rising touchpad issue. They must have a database of issues per model, so they are not being truthful. They have the nerve to ask me if I damaged it, when it's a known (but not admitted to) problem.  Grrrrr!  Been an IT tech, and now IT Manager, for 25 years.  Annoyed.  Learned to always get next day onsite repair so I never mail in my computers.  They repair right in front of me.

  • After mine was finally repaired, I went into the BIOS to set the battery to charge only when it reaches 50%, and then only up to 90%.  My hope is that this will make the battery less likely to swell (I mostly use it on AC power, so it previously was charged to 100% most of the time).  

    I don't know if this is valid thinking, but I'll see what happens.

  • I have the same exact problem as shown in the pictures above.  Is there a resolution for this?

  • First Dell tech was sent palmrest and touchpad to replace.  When he took apart laptop, he saw the very swollen battery and realized, the palmrest wasn't the necessary part.  He installed the new touchpad, but then ordered a new battery.  Unfortunately, the battery was on back order.  After a few days they offered me a refurbished battery.  I said no, that I would wait for a brand new battery.  After another few days, new battery arrived and second Dell Tech installed battery and new Palmrest left by previous tech.  Then Hard drive would not be recognized.  After three hours, I sent him away.  He called into his Dell Tech support and got the run around.  He texted me and said he tried, but I had to contact Dell for Software Support for my failed Hard Drive.  It was fine before they replaced battery....  Scheduled call with "Software Support" who realized quickly that I needed new Hard Drive or Motherboard.   Third tech came with new hard drive and new motherboard in case.  New hard drive solve the issue.  So... new battery, new touchpad, new hard drive, working well. New hard drive came with same Win 8.0 Home edition.  I asked the third tech if I could get a product key for Windows 10, and he handed it to me.  Also, he allowed me to keep my old hard drive for an extra day to copy my files off with enclosure.  Eight days later I'm back in business.  I will continue to extend my warranty to keep this laptop running. Advice - back up data before they work on battery in case your hard drive also fails and your tech DOESN'T let you keep your hard drive and/or you have no quick means to get data copied off of it.

  • I've had the same touchpad issue on my Dell XPS 15 9550 from about month 3 of ownership. I bought my laptop at The Microsoft Store so I have to get it serviced through them.

  • I have  the same problem, touch pad popped up in the same way

  • I'm also having this problem of the rising touchpad.  When I called about a month ago, I was told by Dell Tech Support that this was "normal wear and tear".  I asked if this had been reported by anyone else and was told it wasn't. the "rising" has gotten worse, so I searched again and found this thread.  This is obviously a manufacturing defect, seemingly a problem with the batteries.  My PC is now just over a year old, is Dell going to do anything about this?