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Inspiron 15 7559, Whea_uncorrectable_error


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Inspiron 15 7559, Whea_uncorrectable_error

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I've had the Dell Inspiron 15 7559 4k laptop since around January 2016 and I've had a lot of blue screen errors. It's always the 'whea_uncorrectable_error' blue screen that I get.

It mostly happens when I'm in the middle of using a program like Gamemaker, Photoshop or Maya and even when browsing in Chrome, but it's never once happened while playing a game, so I thought it might of had something to do with the Intel graphics, which I changed the drivers multiple times and nothing changed.

Most recently, the laptop has been giving me a critical error (shown in Dell's Support Assist) while going to Sleep or Hibernate mode. I noticed it when I had closed the lid for it to go to Sleep mode, about 2 hours later, once it automatically goes to Hibernate mode, the laptop would just switch off. I noticed this because when I switched it back on, I would have to switch the numlock back on to enter my password and none of my programs were still loaded. I checked Support Assist and another Critical Error had popped up, but with no error report.

I've tried reseting the BIOS, but nothing changed apart from the function key was reset - I've never needed to change anything in the BIOS. All drivers and the BIOS is up to date. I also switched off Fast-boot as it was one of the many things I read that might help the issue, but didn't. This was a clean install onto the M.2 drive I bought, but also did a full reset via the Windows setup thing, to put Windows back to the start before anything was installed.

I'm running Windows 10 Home 64, 8gb ram, Samsung 850 m.2 250gb for the OS and i7-6700hq

Any help would be appreciated

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  • Same problem here. 

    in my case "'whea_uncorrectable_error' shows only when i gaming jajaja. Super Angry

    Inspiron 7559 i5HQ. 

    I clone windos from original SSHD to SSD, so i dont think the problem was related whit windows config, maybe its a problen in hardware. Or something realted whit intel dynamic plataform thermal. 

  • Just to keep this post up-to-date...

    I decided to talk to Dell Support and the people on the phone were useless, so I used Dell chat instead and got them to accept a return of my laptop to get it fixed.

    Unfortunately all they did was reinstall the OS, which I had done twice already. 

    When I got the laptop back a week later, it worked fine for 2 days because I just left it on and didn't use it. On the 3rd day, I started using the laptop and installing my apps again like Chrome, Gamemaker and Photoshop. The following day I started getting the same BSODs again, so I'm still no further forward.

    Everything I read online about the 124 stop code and the hal.dll errors say that it's hardware related, which I feel I'm never going to get fixed as Dell don't think it's their issue.

  • Another update - I hope I'm not typing this too soon, but I think the BSOD is actually gone - it was happening at least twice a day before.

    It seems to of been a RAM issue - I bought an 8gb stick from Crucial and thought I'd run memtest86 and it crashed a few minutes in, so I removed the stick that came with the laptop and left the Crucial one in and the tests ran fine, so I formatted the ssd drive and reinstalled windows 10 from scratch and so far.... I haven't had another BSOD.

    The original stick I got with the laptop was Samsung made - am I able to get a replacement from Dell or Samsung?

    I've had this issue since I got the laptop - Blue Screens a few times a day, every day for the last 9 months. It was sent back to Dell and all they did was reinstall the OS

  • :P in fact, the problem its the inspiron 7559 chipset arent compatible whit  a lot of ram modules :( , when i reinstall the originall ram all bsod are gone Jajajaja.

  • Well, it looks like I spoke too soon - after a day, I started getting the same BSODs again in Win10. I've now been on Win7 for the last week and only had 1 BSOD so far, with all the ram reinstalled. As much as I prefer Win10, it's just not stable for this laptop

  • Any updates about this problem? Its been happening to me recently.