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XPS 15 9550 Freeze randomly - Black screen


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XPS 15 9550 Freeze randomly - Black screen

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My XPS 15 9550 - quad core i5 freezes randomly - the screen will turn black (or grey), but not the windows BSOD. I have to hold the power button to force shutdown and reboot the laptop when this happens.

Tried updating all drivers, not helpful, clean installed windows 10, didn't help.

This could happen anytime, even at the time I'm not touch my laptop, or running anything.

Seems to be driver related or hardware.. anyone have some issues? 

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  • I had the exact same issue yesterday, was on the phone with Dell support for 2 hours and they couldn't figure out why, the final decision was they were going to replace the motherboard as they thought it was more likely a hardware issue than a software one.

    Question, did you use the new TB15 dock with your 9550 as I'm trying to figure out if the failure is related to using the dock to provide power. 

  • No, I'm not using the dock.

    I kinda suspect is the video card - I have disabled the nividia video card for a couple of days, havent seen the freeze yet.. 

    Let me know if your new motherboard fixes you issue.. I really dont want to replace the motherboard, would rather return it if possible.  

  • I'm having the same problem. Fresh install, newest updates. Only thing to add is that for me, it has always happened with youtube open (although this may be because I almost always have youtube open).

  • I tried, they won't let me return it since I have owned it since November. Hope the new motherboard will fix it.

  • Are you running youtube on the nvidia video chip?

  • yes

  • try disabling the 960m chip and see if the problem still happen to you.. I have it disabled for a couple of days now, haven't seen a crash yet. 

  • can I ask how did you disable the nvidia card?

  • Go to device manager, find the 960M under display adapters, right click on it, and choose 'disable' 

  • thanks, I will try that while waiting for the new motherboard which is in backorder now.

  • what model do you recomend to me. cost max 2400$

  • I am having the exact same problem on a computer I bought last Monday.  Is there any prospect for a fix?

  • My XPS 9550 started doing the same thing this morning.  I've disabled the Nvidia 960m and so far I haven't had another lockup.  One thing of note is that the crashes did not start happening until after I flashed the BIOS to v1.1.19.  The "black screen" lockups started immediately afterward.

    Update 2/14 - Zero crashes since disabling 960m.  To test I reverted the BIOS back to v1.1.15, re-enabled the 960m and the system locked up (same black screen) within seconds of getting to the desktop...  Needless to say it's disabled again and running fine on v1.1.19 BIOS.

  • Since i disabled the 960m, i haven't seen one yet.

  • Same issue here. Random black screens, only to be solved by pushing the power button a few seconds to force a shutdown. Have disabled the Nvidia as well, no issues since.

    Dell said earlier this week they'd replace my motherboard, but it is in backorder as well here in Begium.

    It would make sense though that it happens randomly. Probabaly every time the laptop switches from Intel GPU to Nvidia GPU.