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Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7559 - Touchpad Windows 7

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I have recently installed Windows 7 on my Inspiron 15 7000 - 7559. I managed to found most of the drivers and get the hardware working.

However for the Touchpad, I cannot find driver or software for it. Windows 7 just uses the default drivers PS/2 Compatible Mouse. When in the Dell drivers site, it does not have drivers for input devices.

It works fine as a regular touchpad but it does not have the additional function such as two finger scrolling etc. 

This is still fine to me until I realized that my palm will accidentally hit the touchpad when typing. Looking  at my older dell laptops, I saw that there is a palm rejection feature for the Dell touchpad.

Windows detect this trackpad as Atmel Maxtouch.

Can anyone please advise me were to find a compatible driver to solve this issue?

You help and assistance is greatly appreciated.

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  • I also need this driver.  Please provide it Dell!

  • I have found this review

    which indicates the i5 version of this machine has an Elantech touchpad and that the driver is available on softpedia. I also found an older Win7 specific Elantech driver on the Lenovo forum site.

    Can anyone confirm which touchpad is used on the Inspiron 15 7559 w/i7 cpu?

  • After chatting with Dell technical support, they say that the 7559 has a new Precision Touchpad and the driver is integrated in the OS and only works with Win8+. He would only say it is "from Dell," which I doubt.

    Still looking to see if there are Win7 drivers which might work.

  • Although I cannot confirm it, it seems the Precision Touchpad in the 7559 is made by Synaptics. I was able to install the Windows 7 driver v17.0.19 from Synaptics with the "Have Disk" procedure and even though it shows as an installed driver in Device Manager, there are no settings specific to the Synaptics touchpad.



  • I have finally found a solution which makes the Inspiron 7559 touchpad tolerable in Windows 7. I installed the Synaptics driver for Dell Touchpad for the 7557 system here: and found the Touchpad specific settings in the Control Panel Mouse link (not device manager).

    I turned off the left button click there and set the right button to click, and now I can type w/o the caret jumping around from palm hits.

    Downside is the left button no longer works, but the right button does the same thing and since I'm using a BT mouse that is an acceptable tradeoff.

    ETA, I extracted the driver files and then used "update driver" and "have disk" from the device manager to install this.

  • hi there
    how did you manage to install windows 7 on inspiron 15 series 7559?? i got this message when i try to install the windows
    Load Driver
    A required cd\dvd device driver is missing. if you have a driver floppy disk...........
    Pls And thx Mike

  • I copied a Win7 installation from my previous Dell laptop with a USB SSD system migrator hw & sw.

    Then I updated all the drivers from the Dell driver download.

    You could also create a bootable USB drive with all the DVD install files on it; that way your system does not need DVD drivers to install.

    I believe there are steps in the DVD install process that allow you to load other drivers, but I've never done that.

  • I am using the Inspiron 7559 i7-6700hq.. it uses the ACPI/DLL0706 touchpad Hardware ID

  • I am using the Inspiron 7559 i7-6700hq.. it uses the ACPI/DLL0706 touchpad Hardware ID.. im also assuming it is an Elan Tech since i could use synaptics on it too

  • Synaptics and Elan Tech are 2 different hardware suppliers to Dell.

    I don't believe they are compatible, but they could be, if they are both designed to the MS Precision Touchpad specification.

  • Same configuration that you, same laptop. Tried to install this driver, successfully, but still no additionnal tab in Mouse controle pannel frame to set double scroll. 

    It is really a pain for such a basic feature! 

    @Dell: Please advice and provide a solution. Double touch scroll  should be native feature! seriously...

  • This is not working for me, even though I have exactly the same configuration that you.The installer run smoothly but I cannot found Touchpad specific settings after install in Control Panel Mouse! (Yes I tryied to restart).

    I can start Dell Touchpad program, but no changes in it has effect on the driver.

    I'm a computer science engineer, and have to say that is the shitiest driver install  EVER experienced! 

    @Dell: I urge you to provide support!


    Any Idea?

  • Only a few of changes take effect on my machine.

    As I said, I was able to disable the left button and set the right button to click.

    You won't get any of the advanced functionality with this driver. For that you need Windows 8+.

    My "solution" only disables the palm hits so you can type without the caret jumping around. 


  • I bought the same laptop. I do not understand why you would want to go in reverse and install windows 7 instead of keeping windows 10 which is pre-installed.

  • I have an extensive amount of software setup and configured on my previous laptop. It was much easier to copy Win7 with all those apps to the new one than to reinstall all my applications and possibly have to upgrade them or buy a new copy.

    It wasn't broke, so I didn't want to "fix" it. I just wanted more powerful processor(s).