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How to find best LCD Panel for Vostro 5470


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How to find best LCD Panel for Vostro 5470

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I am using Dell Vostro 5470 for a year.

I want to change its LCD Panel to have a better resolution.

Also want to have new lcd panel IPS and if possible matte screen.

Is that possible? I need assitance about that.

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  • It depends on what you now have.  

    If it's a touchscreen system, you must replace the entire top half of the system -- not just the panel.  

    For any other type of screen, an increase in resolution means you'll need a new internal video wiring harness as well as the screen.  Note that LCD screens are not all interchangeable - you are limited to those screens Dell shipped with the system.  Other screens won't be coded into the system BIOS and won't allow a POST display, or may not produce a satisfactory image.

    It is highly unlikely a budget model like this one ever shipped with an IPS display -- these are generally supported only by higher-end multimedia, gaming or mobile workstation class systems.