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SD memory card/ Slot not working in Windows 10


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SD memory card/ Slot not working in Windows 10

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I have installed the new windows 10 in my PC, before this i had windows 7 home premium. i have a memory card adapter in which i used to slid my micro SD card and was able to access it when i had windows 7, but when i upgraded to windows 10 and inserted the memory card reader in the slot it stopped detecting, their is no action and i am not able to access it.

Please help

System: Dell Studio 1558 2010-11 Model.

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  • Hi Anandani,

    Dell Studio 1558 has not been tested by Dell for Windows 10 operating system you will not find drivers for it. However, please use the card reader Windows 7 driver and install it in compatibility mode.

    Please let me know if this works.

  • Hello Ravi,

    Problem is solved, thanks a lot. I installed this driver in windows 7 compatibility mode.

    Problem is solved.

  • I have dell inspiron 14 3452 i had window 10 in it but it has virus and it got corrupt now i want to install but it not installing mechanis says its emmc card fault what i have to do???

  • You'r the best! Problem fixed!!