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Inspiron 13 7000 (7347) Touch screen problem


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Inspiron 13 7000 (7347) Touch screen problem

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I have a one-month old Inspiron 13 7000 which has seen very little use, because of the problem which will become self-evident.

Very early on (when the laptop was 3 days old) I noticed that it would do "ghost touching" on the screen.  These ghost touches were always along a vertical column about 2/3 of the way to the right of the screen. As can be expected, these ghost touches would wreak havoc with whatever I was doing.

The ghost touches would go away after some time.

Other times there would be a single ghost touch that would remain pressed continuously.

I ran the Dell hardware diagnostics and the first time I did, it reported touch screen miscalibration.  It then prompted me to clear all the cells (all 405 of them) after which the touch screen worked without incident for several hours.

Then the ghost touching came back.  This time when I tried to clear the cells (via the n-trig tool that the Dell diagnostics fires up) I found that the entire right side of the screen (past the ghost touch column) would no longer respond to touch.  So I was unable to clear the cells.

Later on the touch screen "fixed itself" again - except, the ghost column is not responsive to touch anymore (but the screen to the left and right of the ghost column do respond).

To say that I am peeved that a $1200 laptop has such a severe flaw is understating things, to put it mildly. "I should have gotten the Mac Pro Retina" is a thought that has run through my mind many times these past couple weeks.

I have also de-installed and re-installed the touch screen drivers, etc.  The machine is fully up to date as far as I can tell (I installed all the Dell software, self-update, etc. etc. etc.)

I took some screen shots and videos of the ghost touch in action, to substantiate what I've seen.

This is not a Windows driver problem - the ghost touch also happens when running the BIOS diagnostics.

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  • Add another to the list...

    Been having the exact same issue since I got the 13 7000 series laptop. I have the i5 / 8gb RAM version, full HD screen.

    Have reported this to Dell recently (as well as a slight defect in the bezel surrounding the touchpad) - they tried going through the calibration process, but to no avail. I have also tried looking at drivers but everything looks up to date.

    As mentioned it definitely feels like a hardware issue - is the back of the screen to flexible? It feels like it is and when moving the screen forward/backward it causes this issue. This ruins the experience of having the touch screen - I've had gaming sessions crash because of it, random pages opened while browsing, infuriating.

    This feels like they should recall this laptop and refund customers?

    Such a shame because it's a great looking laptop that I was very excited to buy - first new laptop in maybe 8 years. Not terribly happy...

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