I have really weird problem with my Dell Inspiron 1545 running on Windows 7 Home.Had some troubles earlier with the internal HDD going bad one after the other. (bad sectors cropping up after a few days on even brand new HDDs). Finally, I stopped replacing damaged ones with new HDDs altogether and instead installed an old Hitachi 80 GB which seems to be running all right now.

Then after about a year, the issue started. It would simply not switch on. Press the power button and no response whatsoever. As if it was completely dead. And then, it would turn on occasionally when I pressed the power button. But there was simply no pattern. I just had to try my luck three to four times every day. It would switch on when it felt like.

When it did come to life, it performed brilliantly. I had no issues of it suddenly switching off or hanging or freezing. It was an awesome machine that seemed to have a mind of its own regarding switching on. One thing I noticed is that the time and date continued from the time I switched off instead of updating itself.

Tried all sorts of manoeuvres. Battery on/battery removed/plugged in. Everything. Nothing had any effect when it decides not to power on. It would stubbornly remain so.

I disassembled the unit completely and checked everything. Found absolutely nothing wrong with any components after testing most of them separately with different systems. (Including the power switch.)

Put everything back and checked. No difference. It was still the same. May come to life once in every 2-3 days and perform like a supercomputer for a while and when I switched it off in the night, didn’t always turn on in the morning.

Reluctantly, handed it over to Dell service and as if to mock me, the stupid thing showed no symptoms while it was with them. Obediently switched itself on and off. They simply claimed to have serviced it and made away with a hefty service charge from me. 

Took it back home and two days later, same pattern repeats.

I understand that this looks more like a spiritual issue, but I have read other people having the same issue with Dell, so any help will be highly appreciated. I am running on a replacement Laptop now and I have to either trash the dell or keep playing the game.

Thanks in advance.

The specs are these:

CPU: Intel T6600 C2D @ 2.20 GHz

RAM: 4GB DDR2 @ 398 MHz

Board: Dell 0G848F (With Intel GM45/47)

PS: It is out of warranty.