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Recently purchased a Dell Vostro 5470 which is connected to an external monitor.

I have the habit to close the lid immediately after pressing the power button but my notebook does not boot to windows if i do so.

Is there a way to fix it? Why is my notebook not loading to windows without the lid stays closed?

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  • The default setting will cut power and cause the system to go into sleep mode when the cover is closed.  To change this, go into BIOS setup (f2 at powerup) and set the system to "do nothing" when the cover is closed.

  • appreciate for the response but i did not see any "set the system to "do nothing" when the lid is closed.

  • Do this in Windows ... go to Start, type in "power options", then click on Choose what closing the lid does (on the left side) to change the behavior.

  • This is not the problem with OS but rather the BIOS.

    The problem happens before Windows even started.

    Lid Open, Press Power button on 5470, close lid. 5470 just stays at a blank screen with a "DELL" text and that's it.

    the only way to get it running is:

    Lid Open, Press Power button on 5470, allow 5470 to boot to Windows, close lid, use 5470 as per normal.

  • According to the manual, there is no setting for this.  I have a Dell here (and my HP at home) that you can hit the power button and close it immediately, and it boots Windows fine (also no BIOS settings).  You don't have to wait for Windows to load completely - just long enough for POST to complete and the system to hand over control to the OS (before you even see the Windows splash screen).  Since the 5470 shipped with Windows 7/8, THAT portion (POST) should NOT be more than a second or two or three (I don't know about the 5470).

  • i understand. My Inspiron boot up just fine. My other 2 x 5470 is having the same exact issue with A04 BIOS.

    The problem is not awaiting of POST. The problem lies even when i reboot my system. I have to flip the lid open just for it to boot to windows every single time i restart or boot the system up.

  • anyone have a solution for this ?

  • anyone can help ?

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  • I have exactly the same problem here with my Vostro 5470. My BIOS version is the T83 (a beta version that corrects the automatic brightness adjust bug)

    Please Dell, fix it!! It's annoying!!

  • anyone can help?

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  • Call Dell Support.  You aren't going to get them to respond here, and obviously there isn't anything we can do to help if it is a BIOS issue.  Hopefully a new BIOS revision will be out soon that will correct it.